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Guardian Trekolz

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Guardian Trekolz

Guardian Trekolz
Race: Gargoyle
Class: Shopkeeper
Level: 32
Zone: Skyshrine
Location: (324, -877)

AC: 144
HP: 2000 (10)
Damage per hit: 32 - 124
Attacks per round: 2 (110%)
Special: None


Merchant selling Wizard spells, including Velious ports. He lives in an area only accessible by pit trap. Must be Apprehensive faction or higher.

Items Sold


Opposing Factions

  • None

Related Quests

  •  ?


The map below shows Trekolz's location and the path to him. Note that you must take this path to get to him; the eastern side of the room is a one-way wall and you cannot get in from that direction. Also note that towards the end of the path is a pit trap which will appear to be a dead end.

Tekloz loc2.png