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There are numerous player guilds on Project 1999. Some are casual, and focus on having fun while leveling up, while others are dedicated to conquering endgame raid content together.

For an explanation of the guild-related in-game commands see Guild Commands instead.

See also: Raid History, Raid Suspensions


Guild Lists

Because this is a wiki it is possible that these lists may contain "dead" guilds. You can easily confirm that a guild is still active by clicking on its forum thread link, and checking the date and content of its last post(s).

Finding a Guild

The following process is recommended for finding a new guild (on any server):

  1. Determine which type of guild you want to join
  2. Review the section for that type of guild on your server's guild page, and select a few guilds that seem to fit
    1. Visit the websites of any of those guilds to learn more about them
    2. Visit the forum thread of any of those guilds (both their first and their most recent posts) to get a better feel for who they are
  3. Select a guild
  4. Contact a guild representative in-game, through the forum, or on Discord and discuss the application process. Also some guilds have application forms on their guild webpage.

Guild Levels

This wiki organizes guilds into several categories. Casual guilds, aka "family guilds", "leveling guilds", etc. are not focused on raiding. If they raid at all, it will likely be only to help members with specific planned raid encounters (eg. for epics).

In contrast, both raid guilds and top content raid guilds *are* focused on raiding. The difference between the two is that only top content guilds raid the most challenging content, such as Veeshan's Peak, Avatar of War, or Sleeper's Tomb.

Finally, there are "environment guilds", which only accept new members at the very lowest levels, and require that they abide by certain restrictions (eg. a more limited economy or permanent death).

How to Start a New Guild

To create a guild on Project 1999 simply gather a group of at least five friends together and then petition in-game (ie. the same process as on the original live Everquest servers).

Once you've created your guild you can add it to this page via the normal wiki editing process. See the instructions for editing the guild list below.

Guild IDs

A guild's ID can be used in the command /who all guild*guild ID number* (eg. /who all guild199). It would seem that the only way to determine a guild's ID is to find the ID of a guild created at a similar time, and then use that command to check all of the numbers around that other guild's ID until your guild shows up.

Editing The Guild Lists

Guild entries on this page use wiki templates to make editing easier. There are two templates: one for casual guilds (CasualGuildRow) and one for raid guilds (RaidGuildRow). Here is an example of filled-in a casual guild entry:


|name=Auld Lang Syne


|description=Strict no-twink policy, no purchase outside the guild, tradeskilling, leveling, hardcore classic

|recruiting=All levels/classes


|officers=Rainik (GL), Scaleway (SO), Shartstack (SO), Nanin/Nikbik (JO), Koet (JO), Aintnothang (JO), Valeris (JO), Delcros/Delfyre (JO), Shaadoe (JO), Jotok (JO), Ulgromm (JO), Vanifac (JO), Rusya (JO), Gomiciz (JO), Gundaver (JO), Acoustiko (JO), Eglantine (JO)





To update your guild's information simply click edit for the appropriate section and then alter the part after the "=". You can use both normal text and wiki text (eg. you can add links or bold text if you want).

To create a new guild first copy one of the two blank templates below, then edit the appropriate guild section above, paste the template in at the appropriate spot (guilds are sorted alphabetically by name), and finally fill in as many details as possible. Click save and your guild's info should now be part of the wiki.

One last note: the "Forum Link" column is intended to be the URL of your recruiting post in the Guild section of the official Project 1999 forum (not a link to your guild's forum, if any).

Guild Wiki Pages

Guilds are allowed (and encouraged!) to create their own wiki pages. To do this don't include a website URL in your guild template, and wrap your name with wiki link brackets:

|name= [[Your Guild Nam*]]

This way, when people click your link, it will take them to your wiki page. That page can then have a link to your website ... or anywhere else that you want.

Blank Casual Guild Template












Blank Raid Guild Template


| name=

| wikilink=

| activeTime=

| lootStyle=

| recruiting=

| voicechat=

| officers=

| websiteUrl=

| forumThreadUrl=

| guildId=