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Guilds:Red99 Guild List

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High Level / Hardcore



Casual Scum

Leveling / Casual


  • More information: noob friendly leveling guild, frequent PLs and item giveaways. core of 15-25 that raid regularly
  • Guildleader: Avomon, Lauka, Rodalin, others
  • Territory: Noob zones, Norrath


  • More Information: Who Shot Ya!!!
  • Guildleader: Combo
  • territory: Everywhere?

Flowers of Happiness

  • More information: Pvp guild, most members 50-60
  • Guildleader: Chewie, Innyinky
  • Territory: Lower Guk, Upper Guk, Innothule Swamp, Grobb, Highhold Keep, Highhold Pass

Former Guilds

No longer active or in existence.


  • More information: Best guild to Walk Red99
  • Guildleader: Nizzar
  • Territory: Archeage


  • More information: majority 55+ high end cleansers of those with poor hygiene and zerg/poopsocking nature
  • Board of Directors: Rettiwalk, Hughman, Kringe, and Nirgon
  • Territory: Return of Zek

Chuck n Pals

  • More information: #1 Ranked All Time top K:D Ratio
  • Member List: Mornin, Colgate, Chuck
  • Territory: Bear Pits

Dragons and Diabetes

  • More information: This guilds membership is exclusively for players who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Currently raiding various dragons during the late evening hours, so as to avoid PVP. 35+ active members.
  • Guildleader: Dirtnapper ThaDirtiest
  • Territory: Nagafen's Lair, Permafrost, Plane of Fear, Dreadlands, Old Sebilis, Emerald Jungle, Veeshans Peak, Skyfire, Timorous Deep.
  • Mission Statement: "We fight in the name of the cure to diabetes which we believe comes from slaying dragons" -Dirtnapper ThaDirtiest

Full Retard

  • More information: The result of a merger between the no longer active guilds Plug and Cool Kids.
  • Guildleader: Lite
  • Territory: Observed in Dreadlands with raid sized force, but no confirmed accomplishments have been witnessed.

Cool Kids

  • More information: Known for unmercifully bind and corpse camping new players to Red99; this guild has 10 - 15 active members and can often be found in towns hoping to discover players naked and at their bind point.
  • Guildleader: Andis
  • Territory: Freeport, Qeynos, Grobb, Neriak, Halas, Cabalis, Rivervale, Oggok, Erudin, Paineel, Greater Faydark, Overthere, and Kaladim.


  • More information: has long term goals to raid, but used by many as feeder guild for Nihilum. All style of players are welcome and griefing and trolling by its members is tolerated.
  • Guildleader: Lite
  • Territory: Rathe Mountains, Overthere, Dreadlands, Lake of Ill Omen, Southern Desert of Ro, Timorous Deep, Ocean of Tears

Hamburger Helper

Newly formed, leader will rez al new members when possible, and maybe PL

  • Guildleader: Gustoo

Vae Victis

pvp, leveling, and socialzing guild; members get free pl whenever a pler is on

  • Guildleader: Samwise

Antarctica the Polymorphess

pvp, newly formed

  • Guildleader: Gehennatopethe/Redell


Guild for the ones who hate all other guilds

  • Guildleader: Tyrant

Qeynos Catastrophe

Qeynos area ONLY guild

  • Guildleader: Father

Red Dawn

Vae Victis reform; recruiting everyone! Neriak Chess Club recently merged with them

  • Guildleader: ?

The PVP Champs

Must be able to defeat an officer in battle to get in

  • Guildleader: Gloinzz