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Inert Potion Quest

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Toresian Fhabel
Start Zone: Erudin Palace
Quest Giver: Toresian Fhabel
Minimum Level: 1+
Classes: All (Faction Dependent)
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: Slansin, Slansin Denvin




Toresian Fhabel is at 727.01, 804.42, 35.13 in Erudin Palace. Requires amiable faction to start the quest.

You say, 'Hail, Toresian Fhabel'

Toresian Fhabel says 'Welcome, my friend! We are the Craftkeepers. We study the circle of magic called enchantment. What circle do you [study]?'

You say, 'i will study enchantment'

Toresian Fhabel says 'Then I welcome you into our circle. It is good to see new blood. I have a favor to ask of you. Do you wish to [assist Toresian] or do you not have the time?'

This spawns either Slansin or Slansin Denvin downstairs in the shop Vials of Vitality. Slansin is a merchant selling one item, a cloth cap. Slansin Denvin is not a merchant, is wearing armor, and is an enchanter who will summon an enchanter pet after spawning. Only one Slansin can be up a time.

You say, 'I wish to assist Toresian'

Toresian Fhabel says 'Ahhhhh _____ . Slansin used to have need of these potions, how ever he mysteriously disappeared long ago. The only person I know of who still wants them is a cleric of the Church of Marr in Freeport.'

Receive Inert Potion.


Give Slansin the Inert Potion.

Slansin says 'Thank you. I have been expecting this. We require it for mixing.'

You gain experience!!

Slansin then despawns. If you are after the other version, Slansin Devin, like most people are, you will need to repeat this step until he spawns. You can try again by saying 'I will study enchantment' to Toresian Fhabel. It took around 20 hands in and took a level 1 to a level 2 and 2 yellows before he spawned

Slansin Denvin

Works at dubious.

Give Slansin Denvin the Inert Potion.

Slansin Denvin says 'Ha!! What a fool!! I have stolen another potion to add to the crate. I shall make a fortune!! The real Slansin is in back. Now it is time for me to leave.'

Slansin Denvin does not despawn right away, meaning you can now repeat this part of the quest until he does. He stays up for at least 20 minutes.


You can actually trigger Toresian from the bottom floor to get the potion with hotkeys if you stand in the right spot. Go into Erudin City Office to the right wall (there is a bench there). Toresian is above at (727, 805). Make hotkey macro with the following lines:

/target Toresian_Fhabel 
/say I wish to assist Toresian

Then just go straight across to Vials of Vitality, where Slansin is.