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Journeyman's Boots

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Jboots on an erudite wizard, it has a black shoe graphics.
Journeyman's Boots
Item 764.png

Slot: FEET
AC: 1
Effect: JourneymanBoots (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

AKA "JBoots". Formerly dropped from Drelzna in Najena before the Journeyman's Boots Quest was implemented on October 13, 1999.[1].

See: Green_Server#Anticipated_Patch_Release_Schedule

It can be clicked from a bag slot and has an instant cool down and cast timer. Just like SoW it is only usable outdoors.

Drops From

  • This item is not dropped by mobs.

Sold by

  • This item cannot be purchased from merchants.

Related quests

Player crafted

  • This item is not crafted by players.

Tradeskill recipes

  • This item is not used in player tradeskills.

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