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King Tormax (Faction)

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As the King of the Storm Giants, Tormax rules over both the Kromzek and Kromrif clans. His lasting desire is to see every last Velious dragon crushed beneath a giant’s maul. To further illustrate this fact, Tormax sits upon a throne carved from the skull of the dragon Hsagra, the mate of Yelinak of Skyshrine, who was felled by a Kromzek hero’s blade.

The Dragons of Velious are not Tormax’s only enemies, as the Coldain dwarves despise him and his people with a passion equal to his own. It was Tormax’s blade that killed Dain Frostreaver III, the great War King – a deed that has earned him eternal infamy among the Coldain.

All characters start out scowling, kill on sight, to this faction on creation, even Rallos Zek Ogres.

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