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Linara Parlone

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She went off adventuring, even though I told her how dangerous it was.
- Tolkar Parlone
Linara Parlone
Linara Parlone
Race: High Elf
Class: Enchanter
Level: 25
Zone: Najena
Location: spawns in jail area, inside western cell, nothern wall, opposite an injured halfling

AC: ???
HP: 810 (??)
Damage per hit: 2-44
Attacks per round: ? (??%)
Special: casts Enthrall Tepid Deeds Feckless Might


This highelf is a prisioner of Najena, found in the basement. Her primary faction may be Keepers of the Art.

If you hail her she will tell you how she was locked up and that a mob called Priest of Najena has the key but left to an estate, Unrest. ((Pet classes beware: If you engage her before she casts her pet, she may charm yours(confirmed 7/31/21 on necromancer pet Malignant Dead, a lvl 39 spell...))

Known Loot


Opposing Factions

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