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Lion's Mane Inn

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Lion's Mane Inn & Tavern, the inn
Lion's Mane Inn & Tavern, the tavern
Lion's Mane Inn & Tavern, poker painting
Lion's Mane Inn & Tavern, bar area

Lion’s Mane Inn & Tavern is one of the more inviting establishments in the city (unless you're a dwarf), with it's finely decorated interior and highly spacious bar area. In fact, the building is one of the largest in the Qeynos area and has multiple entrances: one for the inn and one for the tavern. Operated by the Huntlan family, the Inn is kept by sisters Tasya & Sissy while the tavern is tended by the brother Earron. A typical assortment of brews and spirits are available here, as well as Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale which is only available in within certain pockets of Norrath. On the inn side, there are plenty of rooms available and it's easy to get lost within the maze-like corridors spanning three levels.

City: Qeynos
NPCs: Tasya Huntlan, Sissy Huntlan, Earron Huntlan, Tomas Zelnik, Nug Rellash, Philip Tallman
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: The Nitrates and the Assassin, Kwint's Kwest
Notable Drinks: --

Earron Huntlan is a well known brewmaster and is spoke highly of by Guard Kwint.

The patrons who visit Lion’s Mane mostly keep to themsevles, except for the occasional visit from Gash Flockwalker, a druid of the Jaggedpine Treefolk. He spends his days at Fish’s Ale and nights at Lion’s Mane. There is a bounty out for his head, set by the Unkempt Druids.

Poker Painting

This painting is one of the more clearly detailed of the Poker Paintings. The rendering of the lions is quite exquisite, and you can clearly make out the stacks of chips on the table and even some detail in the background.

Lion's Mane Inn & Tavern, posted notice of conduct
Lion's Mane Inn & Tavern, the inn front desk