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Magelo Green:Thymes

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"If you truly believe in what you create, the possibilities are boundless" -The Cat Returns (2002)

[edit] Description

“We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes it’s not easy -Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)”

Guild Progression: <Nostalgia> -> <???>

Date of Birth: Sunday, October 17, 2020 16:26:08

Playtimes: 5-11 PM pacific times

Playstyle: Very Casual; Like to do quests; Like to help or PL new players; Making new friends; The occasional raid

Favorite Zones:Guk, Mistmoore, Solusek's Eye, Nagfen's Lair, Plane of Fear, Plane of Hate, Howling Stones!

About the Player: I am a Taiwanese student who enjoys playing EQ and other old school RPGS. I love helping people and making new friends. I lived in both Taichung, Taiwan and the bay area of California. I really like traveling (Been to Taiwan: 18 times Been to Japan: 6 times Been to Vietnam: 1 Time Been to Korea: 1 Time) I enjoy pasta and have a slight crush on Elaiza Ikeda[1] [2] [3] I am currently residing in Santa Clara County, California.

Am I still active? Hell yeah man!

Favorite Playlists to jam to while playing:Calm Japanese Piano and Movie Soundtracks[4] JPOP music I like: [5]

My Project 1999 Experience: