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Magelo Import

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In Beta

Magelo Import ... What is This Sorcery?

Project 1999 uses the Titanium client, which has an (unclassic, but functional) command called /outputfile. When run it generates a text file containing all of your character's equipment, in your EverQuest folder.

(NOTE: This file includes banked gear ... not useful for Magelo, but it is a way to check your bank when away from cities.)

Using /outputfile

To use the command run "/outputfile inventory".

You can optionally specify the name of the file, eg. "/outputfile inventory myStuff.txt", and if you don't it will be named "yourCharacterName-Inventory.txt".

You can use any program (eg. Notepad on Windows) to open the file, and then select and copy its contents.

Converting to Magelo

Paste the contents of your file into the box below:

Loading ...

Editing Your Magelo

Once you have generated the Magelo code above simply copy it, edit your character's Magelo as normal, and then paste the code into the normal wiki interface.

DO NOT replace your entire Magelo profile! Only replace the items section with the pasted text.

If anything goes wrong you can always use the history tab at the top to roll back.