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Mines of Nurga Goblins

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Levels: 34-40
Zone: Mines of Nurga


The tunnels leading back to the zone line for Frontier Mountains has 7 goblin spawns ready to rumble, 5 of which are single pulls and 2 that would require CC to split. Every class (less Monk/Enc) has a goblin representative here so except a lot of dispels, nukes, dots, and avoidable heals*. The wiki doesn't list these mobs in Nurga but does have info on them in the Temple of Droga page (levels range from 29-32 apparently). I’ve done 34-40 here on my Shaman and working the Necro through those levels currently.


  • It’s isolated and will rarely be camped.
  • Decent loot: coin, fine steel, research components, the usual.
  • +Chardok faction from kills, along goblin skin and salt drops which will eventually be used for rep grinding once Chardok revamp happens.
  • Easy root rotting for those that can, plenty of room to fear kite as well.
  • Other areas to progress to once the Goblins stop giving good exp.


  • it’s isolated. Bring your own duo/group, if you care about a rez it’ll take extra coin to convince someone to come out there.
  • Caster mobs like to dispel, dot, and nuke you and/or pet hard.


On that “avoidable heals” bit, it seems that (at least in this zone) if the mob doesn’t have line of sight with either you or your pet then it won’t heal itself. I noticed this a lot on my shaman since I was root rotting at the time. Once all my dots were up I’d root the mob then run around a corner with my pet and the cleric/sham goblin would just sit there dying. It would only heal when I got back in sight.

Shaman tip, you can shrink yourself pocket size (twice) and swim up the water fall at the entrance to avoid having to run through the zone a bit to get to the camp.


Exp flows fast here and when the Chardok revamp happens the faction gained will be much appreciated.


Originally posted by Tann on the Project 1999 forums.