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More Help for Innoruuk

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For the overview of the many orc belt quests, see Orc Belt Quests.
Start Zone: Grobb
Quest Giver: Kaglari
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: Northern Ro, West Commonlands
Related NPCs: deathfist orcs



At the end of the previous quest, Kaglari asked you whether you wanted to "more help Innoruuk.". Apprehensive is sufficient faction for this quest.

You say, 'Meez more help Innoruuk.'

Kaglari says 'Me hears orcs nearby are trubble. Da werd frum Neriak is dey wants us ta kills dem before dey organize. Dark elf say ta looks for Deathfist Clan. Say dey called cen-tu-ri-ons. Dey try ta gets big orc army. Shows me ya can strike fear and hate inta dem orcs.. dey needs be more scared a us den dem humies. Brings me a Deathfist slashed belt.'

Give Kaglari a Deathfist Slashed Belt.

Note: I'm not sure about blue but on green handing in up to 4 at once works just fine as of 11/9/2019.

Kaglari says 'Good job. Dat help lerns um. Takes dis ta help ya lerns how ta do more hateful tings. Ya gots a good starts fer Him ta be prouds a ya.'

You gain experience!!

This quest can be used to farm Dark Ones faction, but like other orc belt quests the hits are very small.

Experimentation shows Frogloks of Guk faction is lowered by -10.

Experience received

  • Lvl 20 Troll Warrior, 4 turn ins for 1 %