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Plane of Sky Raid Rotation

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Were you looking for Plane of Sky?

Current Rotation (Project 1999 Blue)

NOTE: The GMs maintain an official Plane of Sky rotation list on the forums: The official list is duplicated here. (Dates in parentheses are last verified that spot is still in use)

NOTE: AM Sky slots end at 12:00 EST.

Sunday PM: Gravity/GOML -- Alternating -- Weekly (March 2023)

Monday PM: Sanctum Alliance -- Weekly (November 2022)

Tuesday PM: Vanquish -- Weekly (April 2021)

Wednesday PM: Riot -- Weekly (May 2020)

Thursday PM: The Second Sons -- Weekly (September 2017)

Friday PM: Kittens Who Say Meow -- Weekly (May 2018)

Saturday PM: Axiom -- Weekly (November 2022)

Reminder to those who share days with another guild: Some of the upper island mobs (notably the bee island) are on a 12 hour respawn timer. So, if you are planning on doing the upper islands be respectful of the next guild on the schedule and try to do them early or coordinate with the other guilds to alternate upper and lower island weeks. Thank you!

Current Rotation (Project 1999 Green) Effective January 1st, 2023. Re-roll 6-7 months?

Sunday - Drift

Monday - Safe Space

Tuesday - Castle

Wednesday - Kingdom

Thursday - Good Guys

Friday - Fires of Heaven

Saturday AM - Nova

Saturday PM - Pals

Noble on your day

Why is having a weekly rotation important for Sky?

In the Plane of Sky, access to each island after the first requires a key which drops off mobs on the previous island; island 4 keys drop on 3, island 3 keys drop on 2, etc. The only way to zone out of Plane of Sky is jump off the edge -- gate and portal spells (with the exception of Alter Plane: Sky) are disabled -- and when you jump off the edge (or get gravity fluxed off) all of your keys will disappear. Keys are not No Rent, only restricted to existing in Plane of Sky, so you can camp a character in Sky indefinitely and the keys will be safe.

The mobs on each island are on 8 hour respawns, except for the bees which are 12 hours because why not, which makes only two raids per day reasonably possible. In addition to the long respawns, Call of the Hero, Succor/Evacuate, and Levitate are disabled in Sky, and there is a limit to the number of keys that will drop on each island. The first island has a hard limit of around 25, based on the small number of Thunder Spirits and the Thunder Spirit Princess who drops a few keys as well. If your raid needs more keys to the 2nd island, they can be purchased Key Master for around 250p. Islands after the first usually top out at around 28-30 keys depending on drop rate.

To avoid needing to re-key each week, many people will corpse their keys (put all of their keys in one bag, die with that bag, get a rez, and leave the key bag on their corpse). Since corpses only last for one week, guilds need to raid at the same time each week to avoid losing their key corpses. There are a few methods for retrieving corpsed keys: At the end of the raid, you can have a keyed wizard join each group and teleport them back to the first island with Alter Plane: Sky and corpse their keys back on the first island. Or everyone can corpse their keys on whatever island they reached and have a Necromancer summon the bodies to the first island the following week. The wizard port method is the cheaper of the two, as a 260p Cloudy Stone of Veeshan is cheaper than the coffin cost of 90-100p per person.