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Play nice policy

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Retrieved 5/17/18 from this forum post: [1]

The following rules apply to general behavior on Project 1999. For raiding rules, see [2].

Players are subject to these supplementary rules while playing on Project 1999. While by no means an all-inclusive list of the do's and don'ts on Project 1999, it provides a suitable foundation by which the player can determine what activities are appropriate:


You may not steal kills.

Kill Stealing is defined as the killing of an NPC for any reason that is already fighting or pursuing another player or group that is prepared to engage that same NPC without that group's specific permission.

The intent of this rule is discourage and make note of habitual Kill Stealers, not to punish those who honestly try to work together or those who make an honest mistake. Its enforcement by the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff will reflect this philosophy.

You must comply with arbitration for contested spawns.

There are cases where two or more groups wish to kill the same NPC or hunt in the same area. In these cases, the groups are required to compromise.

If an equitable compromise cannot be reached between the players prior to Project 1999 Customer Service Staff involvement, the P99CSR will mandate a compromise. Any such compromise is final and not open to debate. Refusing to abide by these terms will be considered disruption and may result in disciplinary action.

It is therefore strongly suggested that the groups make every attempt to reach a compromise that they can live with prior to involving a P99CSR, who may mandate a compromise that does not suit you to the extent that a player-devised compromise would.

Note: A "group" in this case is defined as a party of one or more characters that are united in a common belief or goal and are capable of completing that goal.

Project 1999 Staff will not be defining what constitutes a camp. Instead, Project 1999 Customer Service Staff will arbitrate spawn disputes on a per-case-basis. We greatly encourage players to find their own resolution to spawn disputes, as the solution provided by the staff will at best be a win-lose situation, and possbily a lose-lose situation. No two decisions, even at the same 'camp', are guaranteed to be the same, as we will take into account multiple factors in making a determination on a 'camp'.

That being said, you can absolutely "camp" mobs, and you cannot steal another players 'camp'. In general, if the placeholder or placeholders for a spawn are being killed, that 'camp' can be considered held by the player doing the killing so long as they are keeping the placeholders (or the room if there are no placeholders) cleared, within the same zone, do not die or log off. You do not necessarily need to be at the spawn point to call it 'claimed' while it is uncontested, however, if someone else wishes to contest the 'camp' you do need to return to the 'camp' and maintain a presence at or very near the spawn(s) in order to hold it. You cannot hold multiple 'camps' if another group wishes to contest one that you are holding. The player holding multiple 'camps' retains the right to choose which 'camp' to give up.

Please do your best to use courtesy and common sense when interacting with other players in spawn disputes.

It is against the rules to "afk camp" any npc or groups of NPC's by placing a pet nearby and letting it kill while you are away from your computer. Any other form of "afk camping/xping" is also against the rules, and you may be subject to disciplinary action (character de-leveling by deathloop is a popular punishment).

You may not use third-party programs on Project 1999.

The use of any third-party programs on Project 1999, including but not limited to, Macroquest/Macroquest2(MQ/MQ2), ShowEQ(SEQ), or any other program that interacts with the Everquest Titanium Client, is strictly prohibited. Use of any third-party programs will be detected and will result in the permanent banning of your account(s). No exceptions will be made, and once a ban has been enacted for violation of this rule it will not be reversed.

This is not limited to programmable keyboards or other input devices that creates multiple inputs for a single keystroke or automated task.

Wineq2 by Lavishsoft is the exception to this rule.

You may not have more than one client running per real life person playing on Project 1999 (Boxing).

There is no 'boxing' on Project 1999 servers. Boxing is defined as having more than one client running from a single computer, or having more than one client running per person in the same household on different computers. Project 1999 has an IP block on its servers to prevent players from boxing. You may apply for an IP exemption if you have more than one person in your household wanting to play by following the instructions on this forum:


Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action, and you may lose the account(s) involved.

The exception to this rule is having one client running for Project 1999 Red PvP as well as one for Project 1999 Blue. This is allowed.

Real Money Trades (RMT) are not allowed on Project 1999.

The involvement of any currency, items, or services external to any Project 1999 Server (Including but not limited to: real money (USD, Euro, Etc), regulated or otherwise (Bitcoins), Food/Delivery, Virtual currency of any other game (Platinum on Live or other EQEmulator Servers, Beta Keys for the latest new game, etc)) for any of that Project 1999 server's virtual items or service (Including by not limited to: Items, Platinum, Powerlevelling, Accounts/Characters) is strictly forbidden. This is a very serious rule, and violation of this rule willl result in permanent bans of all the accounts of the players involved. Real money trades includes, but is not limited to, trading for items or platinum in game, powerleveling services, accounts, characters, or other services. Currency includes all forms of real world OR virtual currency (IE, bit-coins, WoW gold, etc) AND real world items (Pizza's, Blooming Onions, Televisions, etc). Do not joke about RMT on Project 1999. We will take all offers of RMT on Project 1999 seriously. Account trading and selling is not allowed on Project 1999 in any form.

Foul language is not permitted, in any language.

Excessive use of foul language in an inappropriate context, including swear words, real-world racial slurs, and other language that is not consistent with the fantasy environment and designed to hurt, will be considered a disruption. The existence of the filter (/filter) is not a license to be profane.

You may not harass others.

Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player or group of players to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms, the P99CSR involved will make a determination as to whether or not a "reasonable person" would feel harassed and act accordingly.

You may not disrupt the normal playability of a zone or area.

Zone/Area Disruption is defined as any activity designed to harm or inconvenience a number of groups rather than a specific player or group of players. This includes, but is not limited to::

-Monopolizing most or all of the kills in an area.

- Deliberately blocking a doorway or narrow area so other players cannot get past.

- Refusing to cooperate with the other parties at a contested spawn site after having been instructed to do so by a P99CSR.

- Making excessive and inappropriate use of public channels of communications (/shout, /ooc, etc.).

- Intentionally causing excessive zone latency (creating excessive corpses, abusing spell effects, etc.).

- Causing intentional experience loss to other players (deliberately impeding fleeing players by blocking their escape route, intentionally training NPCs on other players, etc.).

You may not defraud other players.

Fraud is defined as falsely representing one's intentions to make a gain at another's expense. Examples of this activity include, but are not limited to, using deception to deprive another player of items, slandering another player or impersonating them with the intention of causing harm to that player's reputation, or falsely representing one's identity in order to gain access to another player's account or account information.

Fraud in all transactions between players may result in disciplinary action when confirmed by a P99CSR.

This is not permission to not watch out for yourself during interactions with players. Players may still scam or defraud you on Project 1999. It is your responsibility to protect yourself. The player who scammed you may be subject to disciplinary action, but there is no guarantee you will get your items or PP back. It is in your best interest to be wary of other players.

You are responsible for the people you let onto your account. Disciplinary action may be enacted upon your account even if you yourself were not responsible for any rule breaking. Do not share account info if you are not ready to deal with the consequences of someone else's actions.

You may not abuse other players or Project 1999 Staff.

The following actions would be considered abuse:

o Hate Mongering - participation in or propagation of Hate literature, behavior, or propaganda related to real -world characteristics.

o Sexual Abuse or Harassment - untoward and/or unwelcome advances of a graphic and sexual nature. This includes, but is not limited to, virtual rape, overt sexual overtures, and stalking of a sexual nature.

o Attempting to Defraud a CS Representative - Petitioning with false information with the intent of receiving benefits as a result. This includes reporting bug deaths, experience or item loss, or accusing other players of wrongdoing without basis for it.

o Impersonating a Customer Service Representative - falsely representing yourself to another player as a Guide or a member of the Project 1999 Server Staff.

o CS Personnel Abuse - This includes, but is not limited to, sending excessive /petitions (as an individual or group), sending excessive /tells to a CS Representative, excessively using say or other channels to communicate to a CS Representative, making physical threats, or using abusive language against a CS Representative.

o Implying favoritism by members of the Project 1999 Staff - Implying that Guides, GM's, or Developers will show favor towards one or more parties involved in any given situation. This includes, but is not limited to, using threats of retribution or inferring that you will not be held accountable for your actions due to special consideration.

Note: This list is not all-inclusive. Other actions may be determined as abuse at the discretion of the P99CSR.

"Role-playing" does not grant license to violate these rules.

Though EverQuest is a Role-playing game, the claim of "Role-play" will not be accepted in defense of any of the anti-social behaviors mentioned above. We strongly encourage role-playing, but cannot allow it to be done at the expense of others.

You may not operate a guild that habitually violates these rules.

Disciplinary issues involving guilds may be addressed with the entire guild. Guilds whose members habitually violate these rules may be issued guild warnings, and can even be permanently disbanded.

Guild Leaders and/or officers may be held accountable for any actions of their guild members, in addition to any other actions that may be taken. It is therefore the responsibility of the guild leadership to ensure that all guild members abide by these rules.

Rules that are specific to Project 1999 Red: The PvP Play Nice Policy.

All of the rules stated above still apply to Project 1999 Red PvP, with the following exceptions:

The PvP Servers are a special case for many of the policies listed here. When one makes the decision to play on a PvP Server, they are in essence agreeing to play on a server where compromise is decided on the basis of who has the power to kill whom.

By the same token, we expect that the people on those servers will apply PvP combat in all situations where it is called for, as a resolution to the problem. As such, the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff will decline to intervene in cases where a PvP alternative exists, such as at disputed spawns where the parties involved have the ability to attack each other.

Please note that this means that kill stealing is still against the rules on Project 1999 Red. If you wish to steal someones kill, it is recommended you kill the player first and then kill their mob.

Though the PvP environment does eliminate a few of the problems experienced on the normal blue server, there are a few more PvP-specific problems that are created.

Causing Experience Loss.

Intentionally causing experience-loss to other players in the PvP environment is illegal in all cases and may result in disciplinary action when witnessed by a P99CSR. This includes things such as intentionally training NPCs. We do understand that there are cases where the experience-loss is unintentional, and no disciplinary action will be taken in those cases.

Much like how the Kill Stealing rule applies to those on the blue servers, this rule is designed to discourage and make note of those who do it habitually, thus betraying the spirit of PvP. As a note, the P99CSR will not in any case provide a resurrection for someone who was caused experience loss in PvP, intentionally or otherwise. This is one of the dangers of playing on a PvP server.

Bind-point/Corpse Camping and Loot and Scoot (LnS)

Killing someone over and over again while at his or her bind-point or while they are in the process of looting and scooting is illegal and may result in disciplinary action taken against your account.

Conversely, the person recovering their corpse is expected to do so and retreat to safety promptly. In other words, sitting next to your corpse and taunting someone while daring them to attack you so that you can /petition them is bad form, and may result in disciplinary action taken against your account.

A player is 'Looting and Scooting' (LnSing) when he has died to an opponent and opts to call Loot and Scoot. You must make your intentions clear that you are loot and scooting by communicating with the other people in the zone(s) you move through, as well as with the person who killed you, or your LnS claim will not be valid, and you can be killed. You may call Loot and Scoot in any zone after respawning from death so long as you head straight for your corpse. If you need to move across multiple zones in order to Loot and Scoot, you must call LnS as you move through each zone. If a new player enters the zone, you must call Loot and Scoot so they are aware of your intentions. You may not attack or be attacked while Loot and Scooting. After retrieving your corpse, you are allowed a short amount of time to med enough mana to safely get out of the zone (ie, enough for a couple casts of invis, FD, or a port spell), memorize those spells, and then must leave the zone immediately for 1 hour. This timer will start after the last person has exited the zone. If multiple players died in PvP and all choose to LnS, they may help each other do so (IE, res each other, drag corpses, port, etc) unless they have already opted out of LnS by fighting after death. After you have left the zone, you are considered to have finished Loot and Scooting, and may again be attacked.

If you are killed and opt to fight instead of calling Loot and Scoot, you forfeit any later opportunities to invoke LnS. If you log out you may return in 1 hour and call Loot and Scoot.

Loot and Scoot may only be called if death is a result of PvP and yellow text has been generated.

In large scale PvP (7 or more players on one side), LnS must be called by a force as a whole. Individuals may not invoke Loot and Scoot. LnS may be called by the force at any time, this option may never be forfeited. If a fight took place across multiple zones, the force is considered to have finished LnS'ing once all of their players have left the zones affected. All other LnS rules still apply.

In regular PvP, you can only ever have one zone lockout active per group of players at any time. If a fight occurred across multiple zones, the winning group picks which zone the lockout will apply to.

In large scale PvP there is no limit to the number of zones a force can be locked out of. If a fight took place across multiple zones the lockout will apply to all zones a PvP related death occurred in.

Excessive bind point camping (killing a player over and over at their bind point) is against the rules.

Excessive killing of a player or group after they have finished LnSing may be stopped by a Project 1999 CSR, but is not against the rules.

The P99CSR in attendance will decide what is reasonable in these cases. It is highly recommended that the people involved make equitable arrangements prior to involving the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff.