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Open Raids

Any guild can host these types of events. Advertisement of open raids is done in Server Chat on the p99 forums as well as in-game. As of June 2017, the guilds that most often host open raids are Azure Guard (US time, planar), Omni (Euro time, planar), and Paradox (last Fridays of the month, US evening, open Kael arena).

Coldain 10th Ring Wars

All 10th Ring Wars are open attendance due to the nature of the war, but please obey all directions from the presiding guild for maximum safety and enjoyment of all parties.

Tips and current strategies:

  • Most guilds will first kill the Kromrif Spearmen who spawn at the start of the first wave.
  • When there is nothing to kill, most guilds will ask you to return to 'base camp' at the river, a little ways south of the two guard towers, to recover and rebuff. This spot is in the middle of all giant spawn points.
  • If you aggro the dwarves, either let them kill you and get a rez, or zone them off somehow.
  • NEVER train the giants to Thurgadin, because that will trigger a loss and Thurgadin will be out of commission for 2+ hours (and no one will be happy with you).
  • Avoid damaging the giant priests, because they will start summoning everyone on their aggro list. Most guilds will have a kiter. Stay out of the way of the kiter.
  • If you are a melee: Assist the main assist at all times. They will call out assists in a public channel.
  • If you are a caster (DPS): Assist the main assist at all times. See above. Be careful with any AoE spells in case there are Coldain allies in range.
  • If you are a support caster: Heal all melee, DS all melee.
  • Learn all potential spawn locations for the giant units. In particular, there are two eastern locations. Presiding guilds should clarify which those are when calling spawns.
  • Unless you have a reason to, never use /shout during a ring war. Use only /ooc to avoid confusing others.
  • Get the DMF + sow buffs when offered because you will be doing a lot of running back and forth.

Non-raid Events

As of June 2016, the majority of non-raid events are planned and executed by the Department of Fun, a loose coalition of players who get together solely for events.

To gain support from the DoF for your event, either post in Server Chat on the forums or message a current member. (As of June 2016, the best ones to contact are Sorn, Tupakk, and Expediency on the forums.)

Past events

  • Bumfights
  • Giveaways
  • Gfay Easter Egg Hunt
  • Kraddok's Trivia
  • Rivervale Alleycat Race
  • Druid Spring Equinox
  • Teenietank and Emeraldfields' wedding (June 17th, 2017) (separate but supported by DoF members)

Drunken Norrath Biathlon -- Kelethin to Rivervale

Proposed. See this thread for details.

The Great Europa & Remedy Gnome Race

This is a gnome race meaning you will have to run from one point to the next. The winner will be the first to Hail a certain person at a certain destination, there will be a prize for the winner.