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Rabid Grizzlies

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Priestess Caulria
Start Zone: North Qeynos
Quest Giver: Priestess Caulria
Minimum Level: 8
Classes: All
Related Zones: Qeynos Hills, Western Karana, Northern Karana
Related NPCs: a rabid grizzly




Priestess Caulria (-130, -600, -10) is in the Temple of Life in North Qeynos. This #12 on North Qeynos map, or -162, -288. Take the teleport up to the structure that resembles a UFO next to it. The initial coordinates for Priestess Caulria are after you teleport into the UFO.

You say, 'I serve the [Prime Healer]'

She requires you to look into the problem of rabid animals in the area. Kill "A rabid grizzly" found in the Qeynos Hills usually outside Blackburrow (spawns around 3150,-700). Rabid grizzlies can also be found throughout West Karana. Return one their putrid pelts to her, and you'll receive a spell scroll, faction and some platinum, plus she'll cast Cure Disease on you.

Hand in a Putrid Bear Hide.

Priestess Caulria says, 'Oh dear. The disease has spread to the realm of the Treefolk. It must have been difficult to kill such a large and rabid beast. Here. Take one of my personal scrolls as thanks for such a brave act of devotion. I pray you can use it. If not, then perhaps one of your fellow adventurers can.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Spell: Endure Disease.

Works at dubious faction (confirmed Nov 4, 2017), unlike Fleshy Orbs from the same NPC.

XP Gain

(12.5% of a level for a level 8 High Elf Magician)
(~3.3% of a level for a level 13 Half Elf Ranger (Green))
(~5% of a level for a level 14 High Elf Enchanter)
(~2% of a level for a level 21 Barbarian Shaman)
(1% of a level for a level 32 Halfling Druid)

Wood Elf Ranger (Green, December 2020)

Level Turn-ins  % of Level gained XP to complete level Est. XP gained Est. XP per turn-in
10 10 57% 379400 216258 21626