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Rabid Grizzlies

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Priestess Caulria
Start Zone: North Qeynos
Quest Giver: Priestess Caulria
Minimum Level: 8
Classes: All
Related Zones: Qeynos Hills, Western Karana, Northern Karana
Related NPCs: a rabid grizzly




Priestess Caulria (-130, -600, -10) is in the Temple of Life in North Qeynos. This #12 on North Qeynos map, or -162, -288. Take the teleport up to the structure that resembles a UFO next to it. The initial coordinates for Priestess Caulria are after you teleport into the UFO.

You say, 'I serve the [Prime Healer]'

She requires you to look into the problem of rabid animals in the area. Kill "A rabid grizzly" found in the Qeynos Hills usually outside Blackburrow (spawns around 3150,-700). Rabid grizzlies can also be found throughout West Karana. Return one their putrid pelts to her, and you'll receive a spell scroll, faction and some platinum, plus she'll cast Cure Disease on you.

Since the December 2019 patch, the rabid grizzly was no longer guaranteed (like the rabid wolf). Although not specifically called out in the patch notes (, the quest was nerfed in response to concerns of misuse ( Also, the spawns in West Karana were as a result of the plague event. Once this is over, there are no rabid spawns.

The a rabid grizzly is no longer a guaranteed spawn. It shares a spawn with a regular a brown bear. Hand in a Putrid Bear Hide.

Priestess Caulria says, 'Oh dear. The disease has spread to the realm of the Treefolk. It must have been difficult to kill such a large and rabid beast. Here. Take one of my personal scrolls as thanks for such a brave act of devotion. I pray you can use it. If not, then perhaps one of your fellow adventurers can.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Spell: Endure Disease.

Works at dubious faction (confirmed Nov 4, 2017), unlike Fleshy Orbs from the same NPC.

XP Gain

(12.5% of a level for a level 8 High Elf Magician)
(~3.3% of a level for a level 13 Half Elf Ranger (Green))
(~5% of a level for a level 14 High Elf Enchanter)
(~2% of a level for a level 21 Barbarian Shaman)
(1% of a level for a level 32 Halfling Druid)

Wood Elf Ranger (Green, December 2020)

Level Turn-ins  % of Level gained XP to complete level Est. XP gained Est. XP per turn-in
10 10 57% 379400 216258 21626