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Renux Herkanor

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Renux Herkanor
Renux Herkanor
Race: Human
Class: Rogue Guildmaster
Level: 43[1]
Zone: North Qeynos, Steamfont Mountains
Location: (18, 152)
AC: 415
HP: 20000 (10,000 triggered) (100)
Damage per hit: 143 - 283
Attacks per round: 2 (81%)
Special: None


Daughter to Stanos Herkanor, she now works for Hanns Krieghor and the Circle of Unseen Hands.

GM in North Qeynos, but also is a triggered spawn in Steamfont Mountains as part of the Rogue Epic quest. The triggered spawn does not summon, has normal running speed, and can be aggro-kited, though her MR is somewhat higher than usual. Expect any caster under 55 to have some trouble landing snares. Triggered Renux has only 10,000 HP. Faction hits below are for the Triggered Renux in Steamfont.

Known Loot

Steamfont triggered mob only:


Opposing Factions

Related Quests