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Rod of Insidious Glamour Quest

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Start Zone: Temple of Solusek Ro
Quest Giver: Sultin
Minimum Level: 25 (Solo)
Classes: Enchanter
Related Zones: High Keep, Rathe Mountains, Upper Guk
Related NPCs: a froglok priest, a shadowed man, Cynthia, Tarn Visilin
Faction: Temple Of Sol Ro (make sure it's high or he'll eat your materials)


  • Rod of Insidious Glamour
    Rod of Insidious Glamour
    Item 822.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 30
    DMG: 6 AC: 2
    CHA: +12
    Effect: Alliance (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 0.0) at Level 30
    WT: 4.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ENC


Bring Sultin a Golden Rod and a twice-enchanted stone.

You say, 'Hail, Sultin'

Sultin says, 'I am Sultin - keeper of the three [Incandescent]s of power and the [Rod] of Insidious Glamour. If you are an Enchanter, perhaps we can deal.'

You say, 'Tell me about the Rod. It sounds awesome'

Sultin says, 'I am keeper of the Rod of Insidious Glamour - a device of guile and deceit. The rod will increase the Charisma of whomever holds it. Are you [interested] in obtaining the [rod]?'

You say, 'I am interested in the rod'

Sultin says, 'If I am to give you this rod, you must bring me the parts to make another. I will need the Golden Rod from the froglok priest in Guk, as well as a Shining Stone from our mortal enemies, the Shadowed Men. Once you have obtained the Shining Stone, you will need to get it enchanted. Cynthia of the Rathe Mountain Gypsy Clan will enchant the Shining Stone for you - give it to her with 50 golden coins. When the Stone is fully enchanted, bring it and the rod to me and I will give you a Rod of Insidious Glamour.'

Go to Upper Guk and get a Golden Rod from a froglok priest, who can be found in the same room as the froglok summoner.

Get A Shining Stone (NOT no-rent) from a shadowed man (in any of the zones they can be found).

Take the shining stone to Cynthia in Rathe Mountains. Hand it to her along with 50gp. (Note: The turn-in to Cynthia made MQ-able on 18 Jan, 2014 patch. [1])

Cynthia says, 'I have enchanted your Shining Stone. To get it further enchanted, take this stone to Tarn Visilin in HighKeep. Tip him 50 golden coins and he will work his magic.'

She gives you "A Glamour Stone"

Head to High Keep and do the same with Tarn Visilin - - Along with 50gp - this is key!!!

Tarn Visilin says, ' Your Glamour Stone has been fully enchanted. Take it and the Golden Rod back to the temple of Ro.'

He gives you "Glowing Glamour Stone."

<DO NOT TURN IN WITHOUT AMIABLE FACTION YOU WILL LOSE BOTH ITEMS> Return the golden rod and glowing glamour stone to Sultin in the Temple of Ro.

As of 2/12/2020, he accepted the items at indifferent faction on a gnome wizard of solusek ro.

Sultin says, 'Well done, ___. Here is your reward.'


You need to be amiable with Sultin to get past the first part of the conversation (and receive your reward). You can increase faction several ways but it's far easier to just cast Benevolence on him.