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Slug's Tavern

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Slug's Tavern
Slug's Tavern
City: Neriak
NPCs: --
Tradeskill Facilities: --
Related Quests: Innoruuk Regent Symbol
Notable Drinks: --

Speaking in terms of drinking space, Slug's is arguably the largest pub in classic Norrath. Others may exceed it in Inn space, but all three stories of this one are exclusively for drinking.

Slug's Tavern is found just inside the outer Neriak wall, situated on the south face of the market. The bar features a large open room, rising up with three levels of wrap-around balconies. The ample seating and sunken stage seem perfect for performances of any sort.

Rarely sighted beyond the reach of Kaladim, dwarven females seem to be the service hand of choice at Slug's. Use caution if you come as a Priest of Marr or the like, as the pub's owner Dan 'Slug' Rembor is loyal to the Priests of Innoruuk. If that's the kind of thing you are into though, he's part of the Innoruuk Regent quest and will have you doing business with Dragoons.

Poker Painting

The Poker Painting of Slug's Tavern may be one of the most comical of the lot. These yellow slugs certainly are goofy looking guys, with their big dumb-founded grin and googly eyes.

Slug's Tavern