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Small Cloth Sandals

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Small Cloth Sandals
Item 666.png

Slot: FEET
AC: 2
WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL

Part of the Small Cloth Armor Set.

Drops From

  • Newbie mobs.

Sold by

Zone Merchant Name Area Loc
Ak'Anon a clockwork cobbler (1174, -759)
East Commonlands Pardor the Blessed (-121, -780)
Felwithe Chenori Berinal (-44, -281)
North Freeport Svinal Wyspin (64, -154)
North Freeport Falia Frikniller (-107, 78)
Greater Faydark Merchant Tinolwenya (-504, 23)
South Kaladim Hanek Ogerbane (224, -254)
Neriak Foreign Quarter Farlain Stonethrower (199, -57)
Thurgadin Garish Ironhelm (-396, 552)

Related quests

  • This item has no related quests.

Player crafted

  • This item is not crafted by players.

Tradeskill recipes

  • This item is not used in player tradeskills.