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Solo Artist Challenge Hall of Fame

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Cheats Hall of Fame

This page contains a list of cheats who have successfully "ranked" in the Solo Artist Challenge. Since the challenge is entirely self-reported/self-verified, there is no "proof" whatsover of any of these "victories" (though cheats are welcome to link to screen shots and/or videos of them cheating here).

Velious Era Solo Artists

Currently there are none, as the rules of the Velious-era challenge are still in the works.

Kunark Era Solo Artists

(Originally taken from [1])

Gods and Legends

  • Svenn, Barbarian Shaman, Solo God, Duo Grandmaster
  • Mauricewhite, Erudite Enchanter, Solo God, Duo Grandmaster
  • Loraen, Gnome Enchanter, Solo Legend, Duo Grandmaster
  • Tecmos, Dark Elf Enchanter, Solo Legend, Duo Master


  • Orruar, Barbarian Shaman, Solo Grandmaster, Duo Master
  • Zagum, Troll Shaman, Solo Grandmaster, Duo Grandmaster
  • Ploktor, Wood Elf Druid and Honorary Enchanter, Solo Grandmaster, Duo Master
  • Catherin, High Elf Enchanter, Solo Grandmaster, Duo Master
  • Melatunin, Human Bard, Solo Grandmaster, Solo Master videos of kills
  • Virasan, Gnome Warrior, Solo Grandmaster
  • Stealin, Erudite Necromancer, Duo Grandmaster
  • Liia, High Elf Cleric, Duo Grandmaster, Solo Disciple
  • Arae, High Elf Magician, Duo Grandmaster
  • Imba, Ogre Warrior, Duo Grandmaster


  • Save, Erudite Enchanter, Solo Master, Duo Master
  • Yiam, Human Enchanter, Solo Master, Duo Disciple
  • Flippie, Iksar Monk, Duo Master, Solo Disciple
  • Petros, Wood Elf Druid, Duo Master, Solo Disciple
  • Susanbanthony, High Elf Cleric, Duo Master
  • Fabumbus, Gnome Magician, Duo Master


  • Nordenwatch, Human Necromancer, Duo Disciple
  • Drinkdem, Gnome Enchanter, Solo Disciple
  • Rkahor, Dwarf Cleric, Duo Disciple
  • Sojournertruth, Iksar Necromancer, Duo Disciple
  • Optic, Gnome Enchanter, Solo Disciple
  • Tetragrammaton, Human Cleric, Duo Disciple
  • Arconis, Wood Elf Bard, Solo Disciple
  • Kindadar, Halfling Druid, Solo Disciple
  • Daire, Human Cleric, Duo Disciple

God Mode Kills

  • Zordakalicus Ragefire [54 Warrior, Nagafen's Lair]:
    • Sentenza+Elethia/Rkahor [D-]
    • Anthrax+Lacie [D]
    • Gremlin+Susanbanthony [D-]
    • Ducktails+Healik [D]
    • Kindadar+Tortue/Jebusaves [D-]
  • Neh'Ashiir [54 Enchanter, City of Mist]:
    • Loraen [S*-],
    • Svenn [S-],
    • Orruar [S-],
    • Mauricewhite [S],
    • Liia [S-]
  • Emperor Chottal [60 Necromancer, Sebilis Crypt]:
    • Svenn [S-],
    • Mauricewhite [S-],
    • Tecmos [S-]
  • sebilite protector [60 Warrior, Sebilis Catacombs]:
    • Svenn [S-]
  • myconid spore king [56 Paladin, Sebilis Catacombs]:
    • Loraen [S*-]
    • Svenn [S*-]
    • Mauricewhite[S*]
  • Tolapumj [60 Enchanter, Sebilis Catacombs]:
    • Svenn [S*-]
  • Fright/Dread/Terror [55 Warrior, Plane of Fear]:
    • Svenn [S-]
    • Ploktor [S]
    • Mauricewhite [S]
  • Lord Rak`Ashiir [54 Wizard, City of Mist]:
    • Mauricewhite [S*]
    • Liia [S*-]
  • General V`ghera [63 Shadowknight, Kithicor Forest]:
    • Liia+Sakuragi [D-]
  • Korocust [61 Warrior, Chardok]:
    • Dainae [S]
    • Amdar [S]
  • Queen Velazul Di'zok [62 Shaman, Chardok]:
    • Healik+Savyy [D]