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Souvenir Mugs

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Questionmark.pngThis is an unsolved or broken quest.
Tobart Dirkins
Start Zone: Thurgadin
Quest Giver: Tobart Dirkins
Minimum Level: 35
Classes:  ?
Related Zones:
Related NPCs: Adia Coldbeard, Doogle McBanick, Loremaster Fronden



  • no reward


Note: It's possible this is only a storyline rather than a quest. If it's a quest, it remains unsolved.

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Speak with Tobart Dirkins in the tavern called The Broken Glacier in Thurgadin.

You say, 'Hail, Tobart Dirkins'

Tobart Dirkins says 'Hail and welcome to the Broken Glacier, _____. Ye'll find the bar downstairs and comfortable rooms up top. Can I interest you in one of our signature mugs? Only a platinum piece they are!'

Hand him 1 platinum and receive The Broken Glacier Souvenir Mug.

Tobart Dirkins says 'Thank ye and enjoy it. All the bars here in Thurgadin have their own mugs, just ask the barkeep if'n yer interested.'

There are five different bars in Thurgadin. You can obtain different mugs from some of them.


Find Doogle McBanick in the tavern called Doogle's Drinks.

You say, 'Hail, Doogle McBanick'

Doogle McBanick says 'Welcome ta me bar, I suggest ye sit down and have a drink cause if'n ye ain't drinkin ye've no business bein 'ere.'

You say, 'What signature mug?'

Doogle McBanick says 'Mug, yeah we got a lot of mugs here but what has that got to do with anything.'

Hand him 3 gold pieces to receive Doogle's Signature Souvenir Mug.


Find Adia Coldbeard in the tavern called The Icy Mug.

You say, 'Hail, Adia Coldbeard'

(She gives no reply.)

Hand her 5 gold pieces to receive The Icy Mug Souvenir.

Adia Coldbeard says 'Thank ye for yer Patronage. Enjoy yer mug and be sure ta visit us often.'


Find Loremaster Fronden in a The Holy Harbinger.

You say, 'Hail, Loremaster Fronden'

(He gives no reply.)

Hand him 1 platinum piece to receive The Broken Glacier Souvenir Mug (this would be the wrong mug for the tavern he is in).

Loremaster Fronden says 'Thank ye and enjoy it. All the bars here in Thurgadin have their own mugs, just ask the barkeep if'n yer interested.'

A fourth mug is known to exist: The Velium Keg Collectors Mug from the tavern called The Velium Keg, but how to actually obtain this item remains unknown.

These mugs have no known use.

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