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/list to A Drolvarg Sentry
A Drolvarg Snarler to A Leatherfoot Spy
A Leering Gargoyle to A Skull Chest
A Skunk to A coerced teir`dal
A cold shade to A giant heart spider
A giant king snake to A kobold prisoner
A kobold protector to A sarnak zealot
A savage cave kodiak to A wulfare lonewolf
A wulfware lonewolf to An Elemental Crusader
An Elemental Monstrosity to An off duty Pitboss
An off duty Researcher to Ash C`Luzz
Ash Hornet Venom to Bark Bindings
Bark Potion to Bixie Parts
Bixie Stinger to Blood Lord's Breastplate
Blood Lord's Crown to Box of Beetle Eyes
Box of Bones to Brusco's Bombastic Bellow
Brute Hide to Careless Lightning
Cargalia to Chipped Bone Bracelet
Chipped Bone Collar to Clockwork XVIIIE
Clockwork XXA to Corporal X`Tis
Corporeal Empathy to Cryosilk Amice
Cryosilk Armor to Dark Blue Dye
Dark Bone Chips to Di'zok Wristsnapper
Di'zok wristsnapper to Dread
Dread Diamond to East Cabilis
East Commonlands to Enchanted Dwarven Plate Collar
Enchanted Dwarven Plate Gauntlets to Ethereal Mist Armor
Ethereal Mist Boots to Feskr's Supplies
Feskr Drinkmaker to Flowing Black Robe
Flowing Black Silk Sash to Frost Covered Tome (Alt)
Frost Covered Tome Alt to Ghonic Erharn
Ghost to Gnomish Toy
Gnomish Vanishing Device to Great Divide
Great Divide Gate to Guard Fentallin
Guard Fernaldo to Guide IV
Guide Scope to Heavy Steel Blade Mold
Heavy Velium Battle Ax to Ice Burrower Silk
Ice Burrower Skin to Imbued Electrum Fire Ring
Imbued Electrum Opal Amulet to Imbued Vale Studded Tunic
Imbued Vale Studded Wristbands to Ivory Inlaid Staff
Ivory Mask to Katana of Flowing Water
Katana of Pain to Kobb
Kobold to Large Cloth Cape
Large Cloth Choker to Left Goblin Ears
Leg-Chopper to Long Sword
Longbow to Mallet Head
Mallet Hilt to Mended Tapestry
Mendglow Clay to Mithril Studded Skullcap
Mithril Studded Sleeves to Neb's head
Nebulous Diamond to Nylianne the True
Nyrien Lyrdarniel to Ornate Dagger
Ornate Reagent Box to Personal Diary Page
Pestilence Scythe to Players:Velious Raiding Gear/Bard
Players:Velious Raiding Gear/Cleric to Prowling Leopard Leggings
Psalm of Cooling to Rathyl
Rathyl Reincarnate to Resist Magic
Resist Poison to Rotten Shark Meat
Rotting Armor to Runed Protector's Gauntlets
Runed Protector's Greaves to Scaled Mystic Armor Quests
Scaled Mystic Boots to Sentinel Uthnorn
Sentinel Vanil to Shark
Shark Bones to Silver Etched Warhammer
Silver Fire Wedding Ring to Skin Like Rock
Skin Like Steel to Small Raw-hide Cloak
Small Raw-hide Gloves to Sorcerer's Boots
Sorcerer's Circlet to Square Helm
Squeea to Summon Shard of the Core
Summon Throwing Dagger to Tarnished Bronze Key
Tarnished Dagger to The Crafty Tailor
The Crate (evil) to Tijoely's Bracelet
Tijoely's Dancing Rapier to Translocate: Fay
Translocate: Great Divide to Ulrich McMannus
Ulrik the Devout to Velium Delivery Note
Velium Diamond Wedding Ring to WL
WR to White Dragon Idol
White Dragon Scale Sash to Words of Resolution
Words of Resolve to Zarchoomi
Zarg Knightbane to Zyrria I`Vanres