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/list to A Drolvarg Pawbuster
A Drolvarg Rager to A Leatherfoot Spy
A Leering Gargoyle to A Skulking runtling
A Skull Chest to A coerced dwarf (female)
A coerced dwarf (male) to A giant cave bat
A giant dire wolf to A kobold guard
A kobold guardian to A sarnak scavenger
A sarnak slavedriver to A worker scarab
A worry wraith to An Earth Elemental
An Elder Onyx Drake to An isle goblin wizard
An odd mole to Ash C'Luzz
Ash C`Luzz to Bark Bindings
Bark Potion to Bizazzt
Bizazzzt to Blood Riven Axe
Blood Runed Armor to Box with Two Heads
Boxing to Brynjar
Bryrym to Carmine Robe
Carmine Sleeves to Chipped Ruby
Chipped Sapphire to Clockwork XXIVD
Clockwork XXIXB to Corroded Chain Sleeves
Corroded Chain Tunic to Cryosilk Sleeves
Cryosilk Veil to Dark Elf Parts
Dark Elf Reaver to Diablerie II
Diamond to Dreadscale Bracer
Dreadscale Breastplate to Ebon Drakeling Bile
Ebon Drakeling Scales to Enchanted Elven Chain Veil
Enchanted Elven Chainmail Bracelet to Evacuate
Evacuate: Fay to Field Plate Girdle
Field Plate Greaves to Focused Ethereal Dagger
Focused Ethereal Great Staff to Frostgiant Overseers Head
Frosticube to Giant Bat Wing
Giant Belt Pouch to Goblin Forged Iron Mask
Goblin Frost Totem to Greater Summoning: Fire
Greater Summoning: Water to Guard Hallenban
Guard Handy to Gygus Remnara
Gylton to Heretic's Report
Heretic Battle to Icepaw Kobold's Paw
Icepaw Scalp to Imbued Field Plate Gauntlets (Mithaniel Marr)
Imbued Field Plate Gauntlets (Rallos Zek) to Indigo Sabre of Innoruuk
Indium Ore to Jail Clerk Maryl
Jailer Mkrarrg to Kelp Cap of the Weaver
Kelp Garnish to Kreizenn's Flame
Krenlek to Large Patchwork Sleeves
Large Patchwork Tunic to Lfay
Lguk to Low Quality Cougarskin
Low Quality Coyote Pelt to Margyl's Tongue
Margyl Darklin to Mesh Leggings
Mesh Mantle to Mortuary fungus
Morty Prysmith to Netted Kelp Tunic
Netted Kelp Veil to Ogre Splintmail Gorget
Ogre Splintmail Helm to Paineel Plate Gauntlets
Paineel Platemail Helm to Pirate sentry
Pirates Of Gunthak to Pot Mold
Pot Sketch to Qued
Qued's Tongue to Raz the Rat Misk
Razing Sword of Skarlon to Ring of Xorbb
Ring of shadows to Ruby Boxcrafter
Ruby Crown to Rykas
Rylin Coil to Scroll of Knowledge
Scroll of Power to Shackle Key 20
Shackle Key 21 to Shining Bracer
Shining Breastplate to Sir Lucan D`Lere
Sir Mollin to Small Black Gloves
Small Black Sleeves to Small crafted pauldron
Small rusty key to Spell: Spirit of Scale
Spell: Swift Like The Wind to Steelsilk Waistband
Steelskin to Sylp Tyanathin
Sylvan Berries to Teir`Dal Adamantite Greaves (Imbued)
Teir`Dal Adamantite Helm to The Toilmaster
The Tome Raider to Tome of order and discord
Tome of the Eternal to True North
True Spirit to User Interface Enhancements
Utensil Parts to Vessel Kirtokk
Vessel Migron to Watchman Prynn
Watchman Reglekar to Wizard Thurgadin Armor Quests
Wizard epic to Wurmfire Totem
Wurmscale Fistwraps to Zumaik's Animation
Zumaik`s Animation to Zyrria I`Vanres