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100' of Waterproofed Rope to A Female Rat
A Feral Amalgam to A Mountain Giant Craig
A Mountain Giant Hillock to A Tizmak Warrior
A Torch to A drolvarg warlord
A drowned citizen to A goblin slinker
A goblin soothsayer to A prickly succulent
A priest of Nagafen to A tundra mammoth
A tundra yeti to An Abhorrent
An Aged Golem Sentinel to An old construct
An old wurm to Astral Cloak of the Titans
Astral Leggings of the Titans to Basher Kankuk
Basher Kigak to Black Silk Gloves
Black Sky Diamond to Blue Dye
Blue Flecked Rock to Brek Stolrus
Brell to CWG Model CB
CWG Model CC to Cessation of the Blood
Cet Hydorn to Cleric Thurgadin Armor Quests
Cleric of Innoruuk to Commander Kane
Commander Leuz to Crude Defiant Leather Boots
Crude Defiant Leather Bracer to Dain Frostreaver's Head
Dain Frostreaver IV to Deputy Quillto
Deputy Raynin to Drape of the Brood
Drape of the Seacasters to Ebon Mask
Ebon Razor to Enchanted Full Plate Collar (electrum)
Enchanted Full Plate Collar (gold) to Exquisite Embossed Rune
Exquisite Etched Rune to Finkel Rardobaen
Finlay Kitoran to Forged Weapons
Forging Hammer to Gaffin Deeppockets
Gage to Gleaming Serrated Blade
Gleaming Short Sword to Golden Star Arm Wraps
Golden Star Armor to Guard Adolar
Guard Adolmer to Guardian Choker
Guardian Gauntlets to Heavy Velium War Lance
Heavy Velium Weapons to Ice Silk Swatch
Ice Silk Veil to Imbued Field Plate Bracers (Rallos Zek)
Imbued Field Plate Bracers (Rodcet Nife) to Increased HP Regeneration Rates
Indaria to Jairnel Marfury
Jak Sindin to Kerra Island
Kerra Isle to Krystin Charcoal
Krytn Redstepp to Large Raw Hide Skullcap
Large Raw Hide Sleeves to Light Yellow Dye
Light source to Lyth Spellstar
MAG to Maugarim
Maula Fishcatcher to Minya Coldtoes
Mira Sayer to Mystical Laig Staff
Mystical Lute to Nostahla Westfend
Nostrolo Tambourine to Order of Three
Order of Thunder to Permafrost Snowball
Peron ThreadSpinner to PoM
Poacher to Purified Rapier
Purified Scimitar to Raw Hide Gloves
Raw Hide Gorget to Ring of Feerrott
Ring of Frost to Ruby
Ruby Boxcrafter to STA
STR to Seafarer Ring Leggings
Seafarer Ring Mail to Shadow Step
Shadow Temper to Shiverback-hide Wristbands
Shiverback Armor to Skeletal Jester
Skeletal Leg to Small Cloth Set
Small Cloth Shawl to Soft Wicker Armor
Soft Wicker Belt to Spiritualist's Ring
Spiritualist`s Ring to Studded Mask
Studded Shoulderpads to Tanned Split Paw Skin
Tanned Split Paw Skin (lore) to The Clothspinner Sisters (evil)
The Clothspinner Sisters (good) to Tin Banker Assistant
Tin Banker I to Treeform
Tremor to Undead Froglok Tongue
Undead Frogloks of Guk to Vengeance of the Glades
Vengeful Composer to Watchman Erendor
Watchman Gardal to Wolf Caller's Bracer
Wolf Caller's Breastplate to Xeture Demiagar
Xialn Mask to Zyrria I`Vanres