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/pet to A Feral Cave Kodiak
A Festering Hag to A Mountain Giant Steep
A Mountain Giant Tump to A Tottering Gorilla
A Tower Guard to A dune tarantula
A dusty werebat to A goblin traitor
A goblin veteran to A puma
A putrid skeleton to A veteran overseer
A vile substance to An Ashenbone Drake
An Asp to An orc shaman
An orc soldier to Auctions
Audio to Basilisk Bracer
Basilisk Egg to Blackbox B Series
Blackbox Fragment to Blugtigin
Blugurg to Briarzephyr
Bricaro Summonar to Cactus Pie
Cactus Quills to Champion's Armor
Champion's Boots to Cloak of the Ice Bear
Cloak of the Maelstrom to Conflagration
Conglaciation of Bone to Crusader Swiftmoon
Crusader Swype to Dandalek Swillslammer
Danilla Delucic to Di`zok Escape Staff
Di`zok Insignia to Drink
Drisi J'Axx to Egasia Reenix
Egg Nog to Enchanted Sapphire
Enchanted Seafarers Cutlass to Eyerazzia
Eyes of the Cat to Firerune Brand
Firestorm to Fresh Chunk of Wooly Rhino
Fresh Fish to Garou
Garou Bone Club to Glowing Bile Soaker
Glowing Black Pearl to Gossamer Cap
Gossamer Cape to Guard Dalammer
Guard Dalthur to Gunlok Jure
Gunrich to Hero's Khukri
Hero Bracers to Icy Greaves
Icy Guardian to Imbued Fighters Staff
Imbued Fire Opal to Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk
Initiate Symbol of Quellious to Jeldorin
Jelek Icepaw to Kin Lore Necklace
Kin Magi Earring to Lake of ill omen
Laken Boorheez to Large Studded Sleeves
Large Studded Tunic to Living Granite Quest
Living Heart of a Brell Minion to Maigin Greyeagle
Mail Sectional Mold to Meg Tucter
Megan to Mithril Quill
Mithril Reinforced Armor to Neapha Vesturo
Neb to Obsidian Shatter
Obsolete Model to Pacifying Whisper
Pack Chloroplast to Pincer Satchel
Pincia Brownloe to Potion of Adroitness
Potion of Antibody to Quillion O`Zinn
Quillmane to Red Dragon Scales
Red Dragon Tooth to Robe of Decay
Robe of Discord to Rune III
Rune IV to Sarcoscypha Fungus
Sargasso Spear to Sense Summoned
Sense Traps to Shaped Darkwood 1-Cam Bow (Silk)
Shaped Darkwood Compound Bow to Silver Amber Ring
Silver Amulet to Skill Specialize Alteration
Skill Specialize Conjuration to Small Raw-Hide Gloves
Small Raw-Hide Gorget to Soris Silverfield
Sorn to Staff of Runes
Staff of Symbols to Summoning of the Dread
Sun Alemaker to Taunt
Tavekalem to The Scent of Marr
The Scimitar of Lifestealing to Tome Insert Page 1
Tome Insert Page 2 to Truesight
Truesight Hammer to Vale Studded Gloves
Vale Studded Gorget to Vindication
Vineclinger Berries to Western Wastes
Wet Clay to Words of Mastery
Words of Materials to Zazamenhu
Zazamoukh to Zyrria I`Vanres