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/list to A Drowned Citizen
A Druid to A Lesser Ebon Drake
A Lesser Guardian to A Skyash Drake
A Skycinder Drake to A coldain skinner
A coldain tracking wolf to A giant scorpion
A giant sewer rat to A kobold wanderer
A kobold watcher to A scaled wolf tracker
A scarecrow to A young lion
A young lioness to An Emerald Drake
An Emperial Escort to An orc arsonist
An orc berserker to Asmag Weed
Asnod Marnoc to Barkeep Milo
Barkeep Myrisa to Bjrakor the Cold
Black Alloy Girdle to Blood Runed Greaves
Blood Runed Scimitar to Box of nil space
Box of the Guilty to Bryan Mcgee
Bryma Loftaxe to Carlan the Young
Carmine to Chipped Diamond
Chipped Emerald to Clockwork XXA
Clockwork XXB to Corporal X`Tis
Corporeal Empathy to Cryosilk Amice
Cryosilk Armor to Dark Blue Dye
Dark Bone Chips to Di'zok Signet of Service
Di'zok Wristsnapper to Draze Slashyn
Dread to Eashen of the Sky
East Cabilis to Enchanted Dwarven Plate Boots
Enchanted Dwarven Plate Bracers to Eternal Spirit
Ethereal Amber to Ferjeneror
Fern Flower to Fletching Kit
Flight Arrow to Frontier Stink Beetles
Froon to Gharg Oberbord
Gharin to Gnomish Curator
Gnomish Deserter to Gray Sr Apprentice Robe*
Gray Wolf Fang to Guard Evercold
Guard Exclorpt to Guardian Synarus
Guardian Tion to Heart of the Innocent
Heart of the Pure Druid to Hurrieta's Bloody Dress
Hurrieta's Tunic to Imbued Dwarven Chain Gorget (Brell Serilis)
Imbued Dwarven Chain Gorget (Bristlebane) to Imbued Topaz Silver Necklace
Imbued Vale Reinforced Armor to Isopca
Issia H'Rugla to Kanthuk Ogrebane
Kanthurn to Knight of Truth
Knight of sathir to Large Bronze Helm
Large Bronze Mask to Lawyla
Lay on Hands to Loam Encrusted Bracelet
Loam Encrusted Cap to Magus Jerira
Magus Rokyl to Medium Groove Nocks
Medium Jar Sketch to Mistmoore
Mistmoore Battle Drums to Nalginor Fe`Dhar
Nalla's Problem to Nosspri Andrika
Nostahla Westfend to Orc Picks
Orc Ribcage to Pearl Earring
Pearl Kedge Totem to Players:Kunark Gear/Monk
Players:Kunark Gear/Necromancer to Primal Velium War Lance
Primal Velium Warsword to Ranger/Spells Color
Ranger/Spells Icon to Reinforced Rhino Wrist Guard
Reinforced Shoulderpads to Rognarog's Head
Rognarog the Infuriated to Rune of Nagafen
Rune of Neglect to Sarnak Hide Boots
Sarnak Hide Girdle to Sentient Bracers
Sentient Breastplate to Shaman spells good
Shamanistic Shenanigan Gauntlets to Sickly Glowing Orb
Sifaye Abominations to Skill Channeling
Skill Conjuration to Small Leather Mask
Small Leather Shoulderpads to Soldier Head Plans
Soldiers of Tunare to Spiroc Battle Staff
Spiroc Bone Dust to Strong Raptor Gut
Strong Wooden Branch to Talisman of Tnarg
Talisman of Vhal Sera to Terrorantula Swatch
Terrorize Animal to Throneblade of the Ykesha
Throwing to Totemic Cloak
Totemic Gauntlets to Turnip
Turquoise to Vasty Deep Water
Vault Master Shu`zo to Visual Enhancements
Vitaela to Well-Balanced Weapons
Well Balanced Long Sword to Word of Souls
Word of Spirit to Yaulp III
Yaulp IV to Zyrria I`Vanres