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100' of Waterproofed Rope to A False Treasure Chest
A Farsight Crystal to A Mortiferous Golem
A Mosquito to A Tesch Mas Gnoll
A Tesch Val Gnoll to A drachnid webspinner
A drachnid webstrander to A goblin miner
A goblin mosstrooper to A mountain brownie
A mountain giant brae to A stone guardian
A stone skeleton to Alex McDarnin
Alga Bruntbuckler to An enslaved iksar
An enthralled bulthar to Arctic Wyvern Wristbands
Ardiflah Steadirt to Baobob Miller
Bar of Ronium to Biggle Limbokker
Bigilam Wantilans to Block of Ore
Block of Permafrost to Bow of the Icepaw
Bow of the Silver Fang to Bucket of Pure Water
Buckler to Carved Darkwood Recurve Bow
Carved Darkwood Recurve Bow (Hemp) to Chunk of Ogre Flesh
Chunk of Prismatic Metal to Cobalt Breastplate
Cobalt Cod to Cracked Corrupt Guard Helm
Cracked Darkwood Shield to Crystallized Shadow Long Sword
Crystallized Shadow Rapier to Deadly Lifetap
Deadly Poison to Djinni Statuette
Djinni Stave to Duster Models
Duster V to Elf Pickles
Elf Skull to Envenomed Sleeves
Envenomed heal to Fangor
Fania Esruc to Flake of Lodestone
Flame Agate to Froglok Scale Chestplate
Froglok Shin Knight to Geeda's Scout Coin
Geep Tresoj to Gnoll Fur Patch
Gnoll Fur Patch Quarter to Grand Master's Headband
Grand Master's Leg Wraps to Guard Elron
Guard Enre to Gwynn Marthank
Gwynora Armista to Hhk
Hhp to Icy Blade
Icy Greaves to Imbued Field Plate Visor (Erollisi Marr)
Imbued Field Plate Visor (Innoruuk) to Initiate Hart
Initiate Pool to Jaundiced Bone Helm
Jaundiced Bone Vambraces to Khonza Mitty of Kerra
Khrix's Abomination to LGuk
LOIO to Large Ringmail Sleeves
Large Ringmail Visor to Lion Meat Shipment
Lion Meat Shipment Quest to Mage
Magelo to Mechanical Net
Mechanical Net Delivery to Mischievous Dazzler Gloves
Mischievous Dazzler Leggings to Nagafen's Lair Efreeti Room
Nagilooh's Travels (1-50 Necro Guide) to Note to Arantir
Note to Forpar Fizfla to Orex Nolus
Orivin Vor'Tun to Permafrost Caverns
Permafrost Crystals to Pliable Goo
Plnorrick Spinecracker to Purified Claymore
Purified Crystal Claymore to Raw-hide Skullcap
Raw-hide Sleeves to Rijoely's Dancing Rapier
Rijoely's Earring to Royal Velium Frosted Plate
Royal Velium Frosted Vambraces to Ry`Gorr Chain Armor
Ry`Gorr Chain Bracer to Scroll of Scaled Tactics
Scroll of the Beguiler to Shackle of Steel
Shackle of Stone to Shiny Hunk of Metal
Shiny Metal Key to Sironans Head
Sirran's Boots of Insanity to Small Bronze Vambraces
Small Buckler to Snakeskin Gloves
Snakeskin Jerkin to Spirit Caller's Greaves
Spirit Caller's Helm to Storn Trueblade
Straeven's Head to Tal Drana
Tal G'Noir to Tessia Sowtsui
Test of Protection to Thunder Runed War Spear
Thunder Salmon to Traitor's Heart
Traitor's note to Ugrak da Raider
Uiliak to Velium Etched Circlet
Velium Etched Rune to Wand of Lava
Wand of Mana Tapping to Wind Etched Armor Set
Wind Etched Boots of Ro to Woven Shadow Vambraces
Woven Skull Cap to Zone Halas
Zone Highpass Hold to Zyrria I`Vanres