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Student's Log

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Student's Log
Item 865.png

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL

Spellicon U.png Item Lore (from Identify): Report Information 6 of 6

Drops From

City of Mist

Sold by

  • This item cannot be purchased from merchants.

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Book contents

Item lore: Report Information 6 of 6

Missed mass again today. This is the third time this week now. It is a worthy sacrifice however as I was able to attend the Master's National Coin exchange class.

Perhaps the clergy will change the time of their masses, then I'll be able to attend regularly.

Although with the appointment of the new Arch Priest it appears mass may be discontinued altogether. I honestly hope so.

I could attend many more classes as well as spend more time rubbing elbows with merchants at the bazaars. I think I'll have to miss tomorrow's mass as well.

I heard the Laughing Leech Guild is taking members again.

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