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Swamp of No Hope Iksar Exiles

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Npc iksar exile.png


Levels: 24-32
Zone: Swamp of No Hope


This place has been mentioned a few times in the Caster subforum as a great spot for Enchanters, it has worked out great for my Ranger, Druid, Monk, Shaman(s), and most recently Necro.

See #4 on the map. [1]


  • Static spawns (9 total) on the standard outdoor 6:45 timer.
  • Lv23 mob, always, no variance means easily predictable.
  • Good drops for the level, “fine steel” in value weapons, gems, 1-2pp average coin.
  • Trakanon’s Teeth zone is very close, if you mess up breaking the camp you can “easily” escape.
  • Easy to afk, no roamers, spot across the lake to chill.
  • Right next to Cabilis, easy to vendor and restock as needed.


  • Requires CC, almost impossible to camp here on my mage w/out dropping money on root nets.
  • Coin drops are mostly gold, along with the weapons means you’ll get encumbered often.
  • The “easily” escape bit above requires levitation, there isn’t much land mass and the Iksars can swim faster than you.


Depending on the class/gear you can start here at 24 but might be easier to wait till 25 or 26. The camp is split into 2 groups, a trio and gaggle of 6.

My goal on every character has been to split the trio up so they spawn about 2 minutes apart getting me into that steady exp grove. Stupid easy on the Ranger and Druid with harmony, Necro with screaming terror and FD but I found resists were really bad till I was 25 (obviously as the mobs are very high blue con), Monk derp, and finally the Shaman(s) were the harder bit having to root 1 mob, zone the other 2 (levitate is a must) to TT which is very close by, zone back in and try and tag just 1 of the others.


Overall the exp/cash is great here, It’s the most popular spot on this post as I actually saw other people from time to time, the mobs will turn “light blue” green once you hit 31 but still give good enough exp to keep on going til 32 at which point the exp feels like the hell level 30 again.


Originally posted by Tann on the Project 1999 forums.