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(I'm new to wikis I think this is the only way I can contribute?)

Over recording ~100 HG kills I've found I get an average of 26pp in direct coin per kill. The coin drops seem to be split between bad (2.4pp-12pp) drops and good (26pp-54pp).

Common drops are various FS weapons, Gold pendants, flawless aquamarines, peridots, pearl earrings, black pearls, jade rings, opals, emeralds, jaspers, various words, runes and pages selling for a range of 1pp-2.4pp. The average drop value is 4.4pp a kill increasing profits 15% from standard coin drops.

6.5 minute respawn. Max plat is 49 (and I think 200g, 200s, 200c)

Spawn point in West Commonlands: 14, 739. Placeholders: A Griffin, a kodiak bear, a willowisp.