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If his placeholder is still a lion he's very rare. I spent an hour killing every lion in the zone and never saw him. I have a feeling it isn't. In that time I saw many other nameds: Marik Clubthorn 3 times, Narra Tanith twice.

Two reports on the P99 forums say he's been seen around KFC. One of them was a Quillmane farmer; possibly they share a PH, or he shares a PH with other SK nameds. Or is just completely unique.

If anyone has any information on his spawn please add it.

7/31/2019 - I've been farming Groi for the last week, couple hours here and there. He spawns in several locations. 2 near KFC, 1 out to the Northeast of KFC around -5900, -200, near the tiny pine tree. 3 or 4 spawn points on and around the mountain between KFC and Paw. Maybe more. He will aggro on Aviaks, so if there is a roamer Avocet or Harrier that he paths too near, they will kill him, maybe a rook can kill him too, I've seen him kill a Darter and Egret. I've been killing 'a Lions' and have seen him spawn or been told he has spawned shortly after by a tracker class. One of his spawn points near KFC seems to be shared with an Elephant as I have seen him spawn in the same place. So I keep that Elephant dead too. The other spawn at KFC he paths right over one of the static aviak spawns on the north side of the city. I have killed him up to 5 times an hour as I can find him since I am a slowpoke ogre.

8/27/2019 - Update, After doing this for another month my determination is that Groi can spawn at any time a Lion in the area spawns. So the Lions are his placeholders. If he is not up, and a Lion spawns, Groi may spawn instead. My worst is maybe once in an hour once I've managed to kill all the various lions, they do roam pretty far. And up to 8 times an hour. Tracking would probably help since I do not have it and it is hard to say if other people or Avocet/Harrier roamers may have killed him before I made the circuit to check again. I have found him in a triangular box as far north as spires, as far south as just south of kfc and as fareast as -5900,-300, west pretty much never west of the line that goes through the west edge of the spires and the west kfc tower.