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An acorn on the ground in Misty Thicket.

  • Hunted this a great deal now; found at some of the listed locs and at least 30 unlisted locs; believe loc is random now, or a very large list. Only 1 is up in zone at a time, probably with instant respawn or very nearly (have found them back-to-back a dozen times or so). Seems to have a disproportionate chance to spawn in the vicinity of the last one that was found.
  • Other possible locations:

946, -769 then immediately after at 946, -1382

  • Comparing P99 against Live, acorn spawns appear to be random, though there do appear to be hotspots (yet to be determined, as more observations are needed). There can be more than one at a time, as I've seen 2 right next to each other (P99). Respawns appear to be 20 minutes. Depending on how much they changed the coding, there may be as many as 20 up at a time, though it's likely 6 or fewer. Given that the forage rate is really low, and can be downright horrid at times, the best chance for getting acorns is to combine foraging and running around to find ground spawns.
  • Finding ground spawns: some people suggest being low to the ground, or having/not having a light. Whatever the case, the issue is really the lack of depth; acorns are small paper-thin green diamonds. When they're on higher ground than you, you are unlikely to see them going up because you're looking at them edge-on. The key is to seeing them from above, which means that being too low is not helpful; they may seem bigger when you do see them because you're closer to the ground, but you will see them more edge-on that way, making spotting them more difficult. You can use a taller character (with forage, otherwise it's not as efficient), or levitate, or just change your camera view. As long as you can both see where you're going and look down from above, finding acorns "should" be easier than being low to the ground.