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11/20/2018 - I think the faction hits listed here may be backwards in value. For one thing, it would be quite unusual to have a mob that gives a bigger positive hit than negative hit. That alone is suspect. But there's more - description notes that one kill takes you from amiable to scowls with militia, whereas the faction page indicates that is about 1100 faction points (from bottom of amiable to top of scowls).

Finally, as an iksar, two kills of lucan (both live and dead twice) only took me from dubious to amiable with north guards, which is potentially a 600 point spread (or 300 per kill...). I was threatening to west, but now max kos... a 2000 point spread.

Therefore, I suggest that the negative hit is 1000 or more, and the positive hit is only 300 ish. roughly exactly the opposite of what's listed.