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Telin Darkforest

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Telin Darkforest
Telin Darkforest
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Warrior
Level: 55
Zone: Burning Woods
Location: 50% @ (2958, 2758) Green 8/18/2021: (3239, 2861)

AC: 376
HP: 13750 (10)
Damage per hit: 78 - 215
Attacks per round: 2 (83%)
Special: None


This NPC is located in the north west corner of the zone. He starts both the druid and ranger epic quests. If you are a druid or ranger you can hail him first. After, you need to say : "what action" and he will give you a note.
If he doesn't, then your faction is too low. Faction can be built up fast by doing the muffin-quest for Pandos in West Freeport. Once your faction with Pandos is kindly, then your faction with Telin should be kindly too, meaning you'll be able to receive the "worn note" to start the quest for your epic. (Ornate neck Faction plus wolf form went from apprehensively to amiably and he provided the note 01/29/2023)

Known Loot

  • None


Opposing Factions

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