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The Blind Fish

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The Blind Fish
The Blind Fish

City: Neriak
NPCs: --
Tradeskill Facilities: --
Related Quests: Tarton's Wheel
Notable Drinks: --

Perhaps one of the most exclusive pubs around, you'll need a hint or two in order to find The Blind Fish. It's held up in the labyrinth of Neriak's Underground, accessible through unassuming doors. The dark purple and blue hues of Neriak make the inside feel very much like a club. Massive glass portals offer a view of the city's moat, taking advantage of the suberranean nature of the bar. Crystal clear water, the occasional fish, and perhaps even a glimpse of an ancient coin are visible through the windows.

Poker Painting

Three blind, or perhaps just really cool fish sit around the table in this tavern's Poker Painting.

The Blind Fish