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The Bread Shipment

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Jarlen Meadowgreen
Jarlen Meadowgreen
Race: Centaur
Class: ?
Level: less than 31
Zone: South Karana
Location: 100% @ (86.50, -2248.15, -0.03)

HP: ()
Damage per hit:
Attacks per round: ()


Jarlen will give a Bag of Bread Loaves in exchange for 2 gold. This bag corresponds to numerous Bread Shipment Quests.

As of 2020-05-11 Jarlen is nowhere to be found in South Karana in Blue. The quest is still doable via looting the bread off goblins and Sporali. As of 2021-08-27 it appears Jarlen is also nowhere to be found in South Karana on GREEN either... 3/13/2022 Jarlen is south side in the vendor tent --- 11/23/22 no Jarlen on GREEN

You say, 'Hail, Jarlen Meadowgreen'

Jarlen Meadowgreen says, 'Hello there stranger! What brings you here?'

You say, 'I am here to pick up some bread loaves.' (or say just "bread")

Jarlen Meadowgreen says 'So, ya want some of my bread is that it? Well, you've come to the right place I'd say. My brothers told me the market was ripe for that sort of thing so I decided to move on over here. Anyway, hand over two gold pieces and I'll give ya a sack of bread made by me own two hands.'

Give him 2 gold and you get a Bag of Bread Loaves (LORE NO DROP.)

Bag of Bread Loaves can also be found in RunnyEye Citadel off goblins and Sporali in the moldy area.

Known Loot

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Opposing Factions

  • Unknown

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