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The Clothspinner Sisters (evil)

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Start Zone: Qeynos Aqueducts
Quest Giver: Rihtur Fullome
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: Eastern Plains of Karana
Related NPCs: Milea Clothspinner, Nerissa Clothspinner


  • Faction


This quest begins with Rihtur Fullome located at (357, -450) in the Qeynos Aqueducts.

You say, 'Hail, Rihtur Fullome'

Rihtur Fullome says : 'Hail, ____! I hope the trek into our shrine has not scarred you in any way. Our defenses have been increased lately. Many of the citizens have heard rumors about our shrine. I a say it is all due to that [soldier].'

You say, 'What soldier?'

Rihtur Fullome says : 'The soldier I refer to is Commander Kane Bayle. The supreme officer himself. Don't get me wrong, I trust Kane. He has quite a black heart. Ijust don't trust that girl, [Nerissa].'

You say, 'Who is Nerissa?'

Rihtur Fullome says : 'Nerissa Clothspinner. Her sister was a good friend of Kane's. When she left Qeynos to venture into the world, she asked Kane to watch over that girl. Now Kane tries to hide from the child the fact that he is allied with our church. I don not think he has hidden it well. I have told the others, but they do not believe me. I do not care. I have my own [plans].'

You say, 'What plans?'

Rihtur Fullome says : 'Nerissa is well protected by kane. She will no doubt attempt to inform someone of her suspicions, most likely her sister, Milea. You must find Milea Clothspinner and kill her. No word of our operations must leak out. Return with proof of Milea's death and we shall see to a reward.'

Nerissa Clothspinner is a wondering Merchant who spawns and stands at loc (-10, 0) in North Qeynos.

'Nerissa Clothspinner regards you indifferenty'

You say, 'Hail, Nerissa Clothspinner'

Nerissa Clothspinner says : 'Good day to you! Be careful in the city of Qeynos, [Rumors] of corruption may be true. Believe me, I wish my [sister] were here to help.'

You say, 'What rumors?'

Nerissa Clothspinner says : 'I have heard that a few of the Qeynos merchants and guards are not very happy with the current state of city. Taxes are too high and many of the guards have been sent to the outlands, leaving Qeynos vulnerable to attack. I do not feel the same way, but fear these few may become many. I [fear for my life].'

You say, 'Why do you fear for your life?'

Nerissa Clothspinner says : 'During a late night stroll by the pond in North Qeynos I spied a guard carrying a very large carpet on his shoulders. He approached the pond's edge and unrolled the carpet, the body of another guard rolled out and began to moan. The other guard grabbed for a long spear like weapon from his back. He drove the weapon into the man and pushed him into the pond, I screamed. He turned to me and I ran. I do not think he gave chase, too bad., he would not like to run into my [guardian] at home. I told my guardian and we both went to the pond and saw no body. He believes I was drinking too much wine. I do not drink. Now I fear for my life when I am in the streets of Qeynos.'

You say, 'Who is your guardian?'

Nerissa Clothspinner says : 'When my big sister left Qeynos for adventure, she left me in the hands of her old time friend Kane Bayle. Yes, the commander of the Qeynos Guards is my guardian. You would think I would be safe. Every time I tell him the rumors I hear he just ignores me. He is too busy I guess.'

You say, 'Who is your sister?'

Nerissa Clothspinner says : 'My sister is in the Karanas. She is a warrior. Her name is Milea. I really need her. Would you deliver a note to her? You look able-bodied enough for the job.'

You say, 'I will deliver a note to her.'

Nerissa Clothspinner says : 'Here you go then, brave adventurer. Godspeed to you.'

Nerissa Clothspinner hands you A Tattered Note, which reads:

  Dearest Milea, Please hurry back to Qeynos. I have seen things which lead me to believe the Qeynos guards themselves are planning a revolt. I now fear for my life. Please hurry back home. Your sister, Nerissa.

Milea Clothspinner spawns at loc (-1807, -6071) at the bottom of the gorge in East Karana below the road to Highpass

You say, 'Hail, Milea Clothspinner'

Milea Clothspinner says : 'Hail, fellow adventurer. Are you from Qeynos?'

'I am from Qeynos'

Milea Clothspinner says : 'Too bad, It is a good city to hail from. Safe from evil. I grew up there and found it quite peaceful. I trained at the hall of steel.'

'What is the hall of steel'

Milea Clothspinner says : 'The Hall of steel is the training ground for the greatest warriors of Antonica. I was trained by Ebon Strongbear. Now I travel the lands of Norrath. Maybe the bards will write songs of us both one day. To be an adventurer is the only way to truly live!'

Who is your sister?

Milea Clothspinner says : 'Nerissa Clothspinner is my sister. She is all the family I have left. I hated to leave Qeynos, but my soul yearned for adventure. I am sure she is safe, though. I had my old friend Kane Bayle promise to watch over her.'

'Who is Kayne Bale'

Milea Clothspinner says : 'Kayne Bale and I were students together at the Hall of Steel. He was quite a swordsman. The only men i Qeynos who could best him were Ebon Strongbear and his own brother, Antonius.'

Hand her A Tattered Note

Milea Clothspinner says : 'My sister is in danger. She is all the family I have left. I shall be on my way soon. Please take her my handkerchief, so she knows you have contacted me. Thank you. I am thankful Nerissa ran into you. I just wonder why she did not tell Kane about her suspicions.'

You gain experience!!

Receive Monogrammed Cloth.

Guard Elias spawns and says : 'Hello, Milea. It is unfortunate for you that your friends have led me right to you. Soon you will join Nerissa in the afterlife. Do you have any last words?'

Milea Clothspinner says : 'Get out of here! It is time I dealt with this traitorous guard. Okay guard, let's get it on!!'

'Milea Clothspinner has been slain by Guard Elias!'

Hand in Cloth to Rihtur Fullome

Rihtur Fullome says : 'Hah! Well done indeed!'

You gain experience!!