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The Lumberyard

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The Lumberyard
The Lumberyard

Flanking the enterance of Highhold Keep, opposite of the the more hospitable Tiger's Roar, The Lumberyard is filled with more sort of burly folk. Dark Elves, gnomes, and ogres alike are found hanging out here.

The bartender, Bartholemew, serves Lumberjack Pale Ale, making this the only place in Norrath it can be found. Another interesting feature of of The Lumberyard is its upper level patio. The view it offers of of the canyon is serene, especially under full moonlight. You'll have to share it with an ogre called Beef, but he is kind hearted with no known faction risks.

City: Highpass Hold
NPCs: Swiftfingers, Lylea, Beef, Jovan, Gublink Furnhorn, Bryan McGee, Paulina, Bartholemew
Tradeskill Facilities: --
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Lumberjack Pale Ale


A particularly feisty gnome by the name of Swiftfingers will freely attack ill-factioned travelers who have managed to slip by the guards and citizens. Do not fear though, he only frequents The Lumberyard during daylight hours. By 8 PM, he has made way to Seafarer's Roost in Freeport.

Poker Painting

This would perhaps be one of the more obscure variations of the Poker Painting. At The Lumberyard, trees are seen gathered around a table. By the looks of it, they are some type of coniferous species and seem very intent on the game.

The Lumberyard