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The Treant Fists

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On male human this item appears as blood red plate fists.
Start Zone: West Freeport
Quest Giver: Puab Closk
Minimum Level: 25+
Classes: Monk
Related Zones: Clan Runnyeye, Misty Thicket, Beholder's Maze, Toxxulia Forest
Related NPCs: a banished kerran, a gelatinous cube, a goblin alchemist, a goblin captain


  • Treant Fists
    Treant Fists
    Item 636.png

    Slot: HANDS
    AC: 8
    DEX: +3 HP: +5
    WT: 0.7 Size: SMALL
    Class: MNK
    Race: ALL except IKS


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In the guild house of the Ashen Order, Puab Closk has a task for you.

He is located in the top of the guild house. Ask him "what are treant fist" and he will respond that he has these items, and will gift them to any "monk of great skill". Tell him that "I am a monk of great skill" and he will give you Puab's Token and tell you to travel to the Isle of Kerra to assist an old student of his, a Kerran Cat-man named Clawfist who has been banished by his people.

The trip to Kerra is long, and once you get there you have to find "Clawfist" (a banished kerran). He is in the basement of the temple, (behind the throne and down a ramp.

Tell him "puab sent me", and he will ask for proof. Give him the Puab's Token and he will recognize you as a monk sent by Puab, and will give you a Box With Pawprints (a 4 slot combine box) and will ask you to find the remains of his fellow student who fell fighting goblins somewhere. That somewhere is RunnyEye, and the 4 items can be found in the area.

  • The first is a Ribcage Chest Armor, which may be found on a goblin alchemist that spawns in Misty Thicket. The spawn rate varies: he has been hunted for 6 hours and never appeared, and then popped up twice in an hour on another day. The camp he spawns at is the southern goblin camp from the entrance to Runnyeye, and the placeholder spawn seems to be Mooto, a goblin shaman and/or a goblin warrior. Seven-minute respawn time on the placeholder at loc -885.42, 1114.96.
  • The second is a Humerus Handled Mace, found on a goblin alchemist in the Gorge of King Xorbb. The spawn point (loc 705, -1794) is at the fork in the gorge directly outside the entrance to Runnyeye. The placeholder is a goblin lookout, a goblin sentry, or a goblin veteran. However, there are two identical spawn cycles at this loc with different timers; 72 minutes and 6 minutes. Both spawns can be up at the same time. The achemist is a random spawn on the 72 minute respawn timer. -- These are the easy but frustrating two to get. Both goblin alchemists seem to be about 18-19th level, and while they can be hard to find typically once found go down pretty easily.
  • and the Fractured Femur is found on the a goblin captain who spawns out the back of the throne-room. Both of these seem to be common spawns, so you don't usually have to camp them for long, but of course getting to them really takes a good party in the 25s or higher. The captain is about 25th level, and the cube about 20th. (NOTE: This now drops off A Pickclaw bonemender in RunnyEye Citadel. Unsure if old mobs still drop? Wanders down on 2nd floor)

Once you have all 4 items, place them in the Box With Pawprints and combine. You'll be rewarded with a box of cat bones. Take this back to Kerra and Clawfist, give it to him and he'll reward you with + faction Beta Neutral, a healthy dose of xp, and a note to take back to Puab. Travel across the continent to Freeport, give Puab the note and he will reward you with + faction SilentFist, AshenOrder and [one other that I can't remember], another healthy dose of xp, and the treant fist gloves, a rather spiffy looking set of monk only gloves. These show up as black gloves on a monk character.