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Tiger's Roar

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Tiger's Roar
Tiger's Roar

At the heart of Antonica in the peaks of Serpent's Spine lies a gorge thick with travelers. The valleys of Highpass Hold are the gateway from east to west, while Tiger's Roar is the mainstay for citizens and travelers who need to rest their feet. With an inn to sleep and a bar to gather, it is one of the more hospitable establishments between Qeynos and Freeport.

With the Keep of Highhold at its doorstep and the glistening waters of a cave lagoon on its flank, it is a safe haven for any who call themselves an ally of the human cities.

City: Highpass Hold
NPCs: Dyn Tarburner, Alhareen the Just, Lyn Tarburner
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: --

Poker Painting

With walls lined with the pattern of a tiger's pelt, the painting is equally representative of its namesake. Three tigers, one of which is white, sit at the table in this bar's Poker Painting.

Tiger's Roar Poker Painting