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P99 Wiki and Absentee Landlords

Any idea who's running the asylum these days? You seem to be a fairly active editor, so I thought you might know.

Desdinova (talk) 22:36, 14 July 2015 (UTC)

--Ezri (talk) 22:47, 14 July 2015 (UTC) Hi, I have asked this question myself; I am trying to overhaul spells/songs and the Gearing lists - but I keep ending up against a blank-window-save-screen. I've raised a technical issue in the forums

Lsth tags

Hi Ezri I seem to have broken the Shadow Knight page and have no idea how to fix it. The lsth links in the page stopped being inserted and reverting to the previous revision didn't fix it. Any chance you can take a look at it? ~ Xane

Hey Xane, that happens when you edit the page; it's not broken Lsth tags update over night - put in your updates and wait a day or so - they'll go back in eventually.