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Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods

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Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods, East Freeport
Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods, bar and seating area

Among mostly wooden and red bricked buildings, Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods stands out in East Freeport with it's finely laid blue brick exterior and decoratively carved stone trim. The architecture is more akin to what you might see in Erudin or Felwithe, which is actually quite fitting for this establishment.

Run by the O'Donner family, Velith & Bardo's supplies an excellent selection of classic brews normally only available far from Freeport. From Oggok you have Ogre Swill, an extra frothy ale served in a forged metal stein. The people of Kelethin and Felwithe generously offer their Elven Wine, brilliantly red in color and fit for the most refined of pallets. All the way from the far eastern edge of Faydwer comes Gnomish Spirits, sure to put a tingle in your tummy. Lastly but certainly not least, from the fine folk of Kaladim we have Dwarven Ale to wet your mustache. There's also Short Ale, Short Beer, and White Wine available.

Upstairs there's additional seating, some storage space, and also a Loom for the tailoring travelers. Supplies for that craft are located just next door at Leather & Hide.

City: East Freeport
NPCs: Myrissa O`Donner, Monita O'Donner, Jillian Dayson, Ston O`Donner, Jheron Felkis
Tradeskill Facilities: Loom (upstairs)
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Ogre Swill, Elven Wine, Gnomish Spirits, Dwarven Ale
Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods, bar
Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods, upstairs loom area