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Werewolf Hunters

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Fixxin Followig
Start Zone: North Karana
Quest Giver: Fixxin Followig
Minimum Level: All
Classes: All
Related Zones: North Karana
Related NPCs: None



You say, 'Hail, Fixxin Followig'

Fixxin Followig says 'Hail, ______! Fixxin is my moniker. Nice ta see ya. I am a member of the [Fangbreakers] and we are hunting [werewolves]. We run into lots of other [creepies] out here as well.'

You say, 'What are Fangbreakers?'

Fixxin Followig says 'Fangbreakers? You have not heard of us? We are the best [werewolf] hunters there are!'

You say, 'What werewolves?'

Fixxin Followig says 'Those blasted fiends hide among normal folk during the day, but at night their bloodlust is set free on an innocent populace. Some claim there is a cure for their condition but the only one we know of is an [enchanted blade] through the bellies of the beasts.'

You say, 'What enchanted blade?'

Fixxin Followig says 'Interested in an enchanted blade? You wouldn't be planning on hunting the moon beasts without a strong. well-oiled party to back you up, now, would you? Well, in any case, I'll gladly lend you a copy of my book, Fixxin Followigs Silvery Blades, if you will fetch me a bar of silver. My supply is running low and our weapons are in need of repair after the deaths of so many lycanthropes.'

Give him a Silver Bar (on p99: one at a time).

Fixxin Followig thanks ______ heartily. 'Here is the book as promised. I wish you luck with your enchanted weapons. May they slay many lycanthropes before they go dull.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a LORE book called Fixxin Followigs Silvery Blades, which contains information about how to craft silver weapons. The chief reward is all the positive faction hits, though.