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Werewolf Skin Cloak Quest

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Karg IceBear
Start Zone: Everfrost Peaks
Quest Giver: Karg IceBear
Minimum Level: 25
Classes: All
Related Zones: West Commonlands, Mistmoore Castle, Southern Karana, Western Karana, Northern Karana
Related NPCs: a werewolf

multiquestable[1] (Needs verification)


  • Werewolf Skin Cloak
    Werewolf Skin Cloak
    Item 842.png

    Slot: BACK
    AC: 5
    STR: +3 STA: +3
    WT: 0.3 Size: LARGE
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


Karg IceBear is a barbarian that wanders Everfrost Peaks.

You say, 'Hail, Karg IceBear'

Karg IceBear says 'Hail, traveler! I am Karg of Clan IceBear, lone hunter of the Everfrost Peaks. Have you seen any polar bears about?'

You say, 'I have slain a werewolf.'

Karg IceBear says 'Werewolf?! I have not seen a werewolf in years. Have you slain one and collected its skin or its claws?'

You say, 'What skin?'

Karg IceBear says 'You have managed to procure a werewolf skin?? Amazing! Well then, I will let you know that for a fee of 100 platinum, I can craft a hearty cloak for you if you leave the skin and the coin with me.'

Hand in the following to receive the cloak:

*IMPORTANT: You MUST hand in 100p along with your Werewolf Pelt in the same trade, or your item will be STOLEN and without reward!*

There are no faction hits one way or the other, though you do gain experience.