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Wizard Soloing Guide by Level

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Graffe's Wizard Leveling Guide

Hey guys, I've seen some people lately asking about exp spots and quadding strategies. I'm going to try and find that old quadding guide for all the various places and update it with new locations for the library. This is an old levelling guide from Graffe 1.0 Library. It's pretty accurate through luclin. If you have any additions to add to it, please lemme know.

There's a great thread here entitled, Wizards cradle to grave solo guide. I copy and pasted peoples posts, and combined them into one file. I use it for reference, and giving info to my friends when they ask where is a good place to hunt at X lvl (even some non-wizzies *gasp*). It lists the zones, and some of the original comments. Thought I'd post it in case others might find it useful. Includes lots of solo spots, but grouping spots as well.

Good hunting all !

Astacia Fierydoom Al'Kabor groupie

"The Lord giveth, and Ice Comet taketh away."


LVL 5-10

  • Butcherblock
  • Commons rules all, the orcs in grouping were best xp I ever had, turn in any DF belts you find
  • East Commons,
  • West Commons
  • Crushbone
  • Lfay
  • Nro - solo dervs
  • SRo
  • Steamfont- Elementals, Drakes, Skels, Harpies, near mino cave
  • Blackburrow

LVL 10-15

LVL 15-20

  • Blackburrow- Solo Elites
  • Erud's Crossing, soloed wisps for a ton of Lightstones. Enough cash to pay for your spells, important to us first run toons.
  • Everfrost - grouped in the Tundra
  • Highhold- orcs and gnolls, in group
  • High Keep (Orcs outside till i could hit the goblins inside)
  • Upper Guk,
  • East Karana- spiders and dogs
  • North Karana- the giant beetles are very good xp and move slower than your natural speed so can be quad-kited without sow or snare, all beetles and griffawns-solo.
  • WK-mostly bandits
  • Lake of Ill Omen- Grouped or Solo, solo around windmill until about 20 and then moved closer to the Sarnak fort. At 30 i would group-kite sarnaks until 31
  • Lake Rathetear-Aviak guards
  • Lavastorm
  • Najena
  • Oasis-Crocs of all kinds & orcs
  • OOT-- Skellies then Gargs on Garg Isle, Gargs are a bit tough to manage solo until at least 20th. Collected a couple hundred plat in Garg eyes here. Sirens in OOT. Bar none this is the best exp in the game at these levels. Once you get the two spawn broken it is super easy exp. I did each level in about 4 hours total with NO powerleveling.
  • Overthere
  • Permafrost
  • Qeynos Sewers- Smugglers
  • orc highway grouped
  • Unrest

Lvl 20-25

LVL 25-30

  • Beholder - Evil Eye lords – solo
  • Cazic Thule - grouped
  • Everfrost - Redwind's temple
  • Lesser fay- Saben trucross,little gnome in hut
  • Frontier Mountains - grouped at the giant camp
  • Upper Guk
  • Highkeep- grouped,(had a fun of fun here, and learned how to be an effective wizzie in lower lvl groups)
  • North Karana- Bard at spires
  • South Karana- aviaks and gnolls solo, treants grouped
  • Lake of Ill Omen. Grouped or Solo.
  • Lake Rathe,
  • Mistmoore -solo yard trash, grouped
  • Najena
  • OOT
  • Overthere
  • Permafrost
  • Rathe Mts
  • Sol A
  • Split Paw- grouped
  • Swamp of No Hope
  • Unrest- solo or grouped
  • Walsiks Woods- Brute caves near Dalnir zone. 5 spawns none assist each other.

LVL 30-35

  • Cazic Thule- (grouped, pyramid)
  • West Commons- (Valon and Colin)
  • Frontier Mountains- Grouped, giant camp
  • Lower Guk
  • Upper Guk-Ancient Croc
  • Highhold Keep, you NEED to learn group tactics inside dungeons and you can run to the guards if you have a bad group.
  • Iceclad- dervishes, cougars (learned to quad here),
  • North Karana -solo griffins
  • Sk- gnolls, treants
  • WK- Ulrich McMannus
  • Mistmoore- Grouped
  • OOT- Solo at Dwarves, three spawns, tremendous exp
  • Overthere- solo and grouped
  • Paw- grouped
  • Rathe mountains- giants grouped, med/kite cyclops
  • Tower Of Frozen Shadow- grouped
  • Unrest
  • Grouped With Ranger - Sand Giants

Acquired Journeyman's Boots at level 35

LVL 35-40

  • Butcherblock- Dorfs
  • Cazic Thule- 2nd floor temple
  • West Commons- (Valon and Colin)
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Dreadlands- north wall grouped
  • Eastern Wastes-quad Ulthorks, walruses


  • Feerrott- single spectre by the fear cave
  • Freeport Guards- (solo)
  • Frontier Mountains
  • Great Divide- (quad kiting kodiak caves, did all of lvl 38 and 39 in one night getting almost 2 blue's per quad Drakkel Wolves, these guys are *cake* to quad at these levels, and pre-40 give 1.5 blue bubbles per pull
  • Lower Guk
  • Iceclad
  • The Overthere- Solo or grouped - Sarnak Bezerkers, Thorney Succulents
  • Rathe Mountains- med/kiting Cyclops; Solo Cynthia gypsy camp near lake zone. 2 lvl 39 nukes will take her out. Hill Giants are fun, feels good to kill something that size. May have too much hp for your mana pool so get a group. You offer everything a group hunting HG's needs, snares, high octane nukes and ports for easy banking.
  • Solusek B - grouped
  • Steamfont - Solo gnome guards, watchman Halv
  • Stonebrunt Mountains- (Solo and occasional partner)
  • Nurga- The first spider sets as you leave the goblin area and head into the spiders/badgers. Spawn in pairs, so you will have to break the camp(s).

LVL 40-45

  • Butcherblock -female dorfs
  • Dreadlands- grouped
  • Easten Wastes- quad ulthorks(walrus in SW corner are PH, small amount at north middle end of zone) Walrus good exp also
  • Feerrot- single hill spec in Ferrott, cause its 5 mins which is enough for me to med, decent loot. Solo/Grouped at Spectres
  • Freeport Guards- (solo)
  • Great Divide- Giants, Slow but effective exp, and I needed the faction. Plus helped a guildie do the shoulders quest in Thurg and have sold the other excess heads and toes for decent cash. Drakkel Wolves, Great quadding, solid experience, and even faction. Kodiaks,When not crowded this has to be the best place. I made it through 45 in less than a week. You don't get exp for all the Ferals in 45, but with another lower level group pulling from the front of the cave it works out good. Let them pull while you're medding up then ask to pull from deeper in. You can get 4 that give exp in this way.
  • Lower Guk- group, Rit spawn and Zol/Dars in the hall around Frenz/Magi area
  • Kaesora- grouped there with same friends entire time
  • Lake of Ill Omen- Bloodgill Goblins,GREAT exp all the way to 51.
  • Lesser Faydark- happ the magician
  • Overthere- Solo - sarnak bezerker's, thorney succulents, stoneleer cockatrice
  • Rathe Mountains- Horribly boring but you can can solo the two troll guards for wonderful xp. Keep resistant skin, elemental armor, and steelskin up at all time or their dots might kill you. Use your Eye of Zomm to take the SK's Harm touch. If you get dotted, port to NK and have the cleric in the guard tower heal you.
  • Rathe Mountains - Solo Hill Giants
  • Solusek B
  • Steamfront- solo gnome guards, watchman Halv

LVL 45-50

  • BB- dorf merchants (quad kiting)
  • Cobalt Scar- wyverns
  • Dreadlands
  • Eastern Wastes- single savages/wooly rhinos
  • Emerald Jungle- near FoB zone. Solo.
  • Ferrott- Cydreela near the portal, Two well timed ICs while she's buffing will take her out if your luck
  • Feerrot- lone spectre
  • East Freeport- Solo/Duo Guards
  • Lguk- (solo or grouped ) (Rit spawn and Zol/Dars in the hall around Frenz/Magi area)
  • Hole grouped
  • Karnor's Castle
  • Lake of Ill Omen- Bloodgill Goblins, GREAT exp all the way to 51.
  • Lesser Faydark- happ the magician. Now that you have conflagration, Happ Dremblenod is the best xp you could possibly hope to find, she's in Lfay right by steamfont zone, does not kill faction or anything either. She's a mage and has low hp, gives off great xp...Hit her with Conflagration, then either hit her with Tishan's Clash, and then Ice Shock (lvl 34 nuke) she dies unless she resisted, and boom, there you go, xp.
  • Ocean of Tears- cyclopses of all kinds, get jboots if you don't already have them.
  • Oggok- orge guards
  • Overthere - sarnak knights, spiked succulents, stonegazer cockitrice's
  • Rathe Mountains- (made a lot of pp!)
  • Seafury isle
  • Sol B
  • TD- spirocs solo
  • Velks Lab- crystal spiders (grouped)

LVL 50-55

  • Burning Woods
  • Chardok
  • Cobalt Scar- Solo then quadding wyverns
  • Dreadlands- Singles of Increasing difficulty, kiting back to North Wall of Karnors.
  • Emerald Jungle
  • Feerrott- Cydreela that NPC near the portal. Two well timed ICs while she's buffing will take her out if your lucky or TD has some nice stuff to quad I'm told also. Easiest exp u can ever get as a wizard and not bad money cause she drops cash loot items like gems and such. I make about 1k a night off her which ain't half bad. Plus i get to do some work around the house as well.
  • Karnor's Castle- grouping and partnering at the zone.
  • Ocean of Tears- cyclopses of all kinds, get jboots if you don't already have them.
  • TD- Solo/Quad Spiroc Provens/Watchers. raptors (if only these things gave any kind of loot i'd be reeech)

LVL 55-58

LVL 58-60

  • Burning Woods
  • Charsis- Grouped
  • CoM- Goos
  • Cobalt Scar- (otters)
  • Great Divide - quad kiting Frost Giant Elites (Loot isn't as good as WL Suits and it's a lot more running around to find them, but available more often)
  • Howling Stones
  • LFAY- Brownie Guards. Worst boredom in the game since Phase Three Beta. Of course I was a cleric then which was also pretty boring.
  • Neriak- Solo doing Ogres/Trolls
  • Sebilis- Grouped
  • Skyfire Mountains
  • Timorous Deep- quad kiting raptors
  • Wakening Lands - Quadding Sentient Suits of Armor (see above)
  • Dragon Necropolis - Quadding Phase Spiders at entrance - will need Pillar of Flame, SoW (jboots buff is not enough), and AT LEAST ~3300 mana. Highly recommend C2 or at least POTG running as you may frequently find yourself coming up short otherwise (particularly if you get resists).
  • Fungus Grove - AE grouping.

AE Grouping spots (50+)

  • Fungus Grove
  • The Deep
  • Old Sebilis
  • Chardok
  • Howling Stones a.k.a. Charasis (Requires key)
  • The Hole
  • Velketor's Labyrinth Entrance (can also duo swarm kite these with a bard)

EDIT: Changed the title and moved to Library. Special thanks to Vashanti, Aline, Jeshuah, and Xalos for helping update the guid (More updates to come hopefully). - Samadhi

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