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Race: Lava Dragon
Class: Druid
Level: 64
Zone: The Wakening Land
Location: 25% @ (-2924, -3049)
Respawn Time: 7 days -/+ 8 hours
AC: 435
HP: 101000 (50)
Damage per hit: 312 - 540
Attacks per round: 4 (80%)
  • Ceticious Cloud (Poison AE)
  • Dragon Roar (Fear AE)
  • Summon
  • Immune to Flee
  • Uncharmable
  • Unfearable
  • Unsnareable
  • Unmezzable
  • Unstunnable
  • See Invis


This lady dragon guards the Dragon Portal in the Wakening Lands. Casts Ceticious Cloud ((poison) 600 PB AE DD and 8-second stun) and Dragon Roar ((magic) PB AE 18-second fear).
She probably has the 3rd best kill/death ratio out of any NPC on the server (after Key Master and Sontalak).


Engagement Strategy: Wuoshi Bomb


Have a druid or ranger cast Harmony on Wuoshi while the raid assembles into position. Since Wuoshi does not have a dispel AOE, you can charm pets around WL for more dps. Standard fear AOE tactics: click off your SoW, switch from Run to Walk, and max your MR and PR. It's wise to fight her in the ring to keep people from running far.

Known Loot


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