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Yegek's Test, Part 2

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Start Zone: Neriak Commons
Quest Giver: Yegek B`Larin
Minimum Level: 4
Classes: All (Evil Races)
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: Teir'Dal Coward


  • Sullied Two Handed Sword
    Sullied Two Handed Sword
    Item 519.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Skill: 2H Slashing Atk Delay: 46
    DMG: 9
    WT: 11.5 Size: LARGE
    Class: WAR
    Race: DEF


When Part 1 has been completed, Yegek may ask if you are ready for the [second test]:

Yegek B`Larin says 'Excellent, you have passed the first test. Take this as a small reward for your fortitude. Do you feel you are ready for the [second test]?'

You say 'I am ready for the second test'

Yegek B`Larin says 'You think you are ready for the final test? To prove you worth, you will fight a cowardly Teir'Dal in hand to hand combat. You must first relinquish your basic short sword to me in order for us to begin the duel. I hope you have been honing your skills in battle, you'll need it! Once you are ready, hand me the blade and we'll begin!'

Give him your starting No Drop shortsword (you DID keep it, right?), and a Teir'Dal Coward appears in the arena. You have to fight this NPC to complete Quest #2. Note that Yegek says you must do it without a blade, but you can use a weapon. He is hard to kill, but can be done by levels 4 and above. The easier way is to enlist the help of a high level player and let him kill him and then you can loot him and get his head.

Give him the Teir`Dal Head.

Yegek B`Larin says 'Hah!! Well done, very entertaining duel! Here... you have earned the right to wear this blade. Let anyone whose eyes fall on it to shudder in fear of the Indigo Brotherhood!!'

You gain experience!!

Tested: If you finished the first part of the quest and hand it in, make a new level 1 warrior say, I'm ready for the second test, then hand in your sword The coward will spawn and not attack you. You can relog your original character you can see the Coward spawned.

XP and reward isn't worth doing this quest repeatedly.