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Zordak Ragefire

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Zordak Ragefire

Zordak Ragefire
Race: Human
Class: Shopkeeper
Level: 60
Zone: Nagafen's Lair
Location: (-1434, -825)
Respawn Time: 24 hours (+/- 8 hours) & 72 hours (+/- 8 hours)
AC: 511
HP: 19000 (95)
Damage per hit: 142 - 280
Attacks per round: 2 (81%)
Special: None


This non-agressive vendor is part of the Cleric epic.

Handing him the Shimmering Pearl* initiates a short monologue. Back away immediately after turning in the pearl. Zordak will first respawn as a KoS (human) version. After killing the aggressive human version, the KoS dragon Zordakalicus Ragefire will spawn.

Can respawn multiple times after a single Nagafen death.

Rules Update

As of 10/2/2023 the Rules for Zordak Ragefire have been updated to the following.


Zone: Nagafen’s Lair

Translocate Allotment:

Run Speed Consideration(s):

Location of Engagement:

Additional Rule Consideration:

Additional Notes: Whoever turns in "Shimmering Pearl" to Zordak Ragefire has 20 minutes to engage Zordakalicus Ragefire, after 20 minutes has elapsed, it goes FFA.

Items Sold


  • None

Opposing Factions

  • None

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