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A snow griffin

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a snow griffin
a snow griffin
Race: Griffin
Class: Ranger
Level: 36-40
Zone: Eastern Wastes
Location: -5810, 1420

AC: ?
HP: 2200 (?)
Damage per hit: 19 - 60?
Attacks per round: 2 (?)
Special: SoW speed


Fast (if high enough level to buff with SOW), casts root, fire spells, and Dispel. Drops eggs for the Prayer Shawl quests. Best to pull them with a dispel as their damage shield will tear through your melee types.

Known Loot



  • None

Opposing Factions

  • None

Related Quests

Data collected by Frantz256255 Since 25/12/2021 14:30

As I love statistics and web programming, I thought this addition would be useful !

Finish for now 26/12/2021

Item Found  % Value per one (PP) Value total per item (PP)
Rune of Embrace 1 11,11 1,9 1,9
Words of Projection 1 11,11 1,7 1,7
Rune of Conception 1 11,11 1,1 1,1
Snow Griffin Talon 1 11,11 0,0 0,0
Snow Griffin Egg 1 11,11 0,0 0,0
Total Item  % get Item Total Items Sold to NPC (PP)
5 55,56 4,7
Total A snow griffin killed Average (PP) per kill Total (PP) from them
9 0,0 0,0
Big Total Value (PP)