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Cannibalize II (Good)

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Marlyn McMerin
Start Zone: Firiona Vie
Quest Giver: Marlyn McMerin Loc: -3813, 1668, -102
Recommended Level: 40+
Classes: Shaman
Related Zones: City of Mist, Dreadlands, Kaesora, Trakanon's Teeth, Karnor's Castle
Related NPCs: an army behemoth, gem cutter skeleton, spectral guardian, a froglok yun shaman, skeletal warlord



Note that there is an identical quest for evil races: Cannibalize II (Evil).

You say, 'Hail Marlyn McMerin'

Marlyn McMerin says, 'Greetings hearty adventurer. Searching for the components necessary for fine shaman spells are we? I have come to Kunark in search of [rare alchemy components], but I have found the dangers of Kunark are far too great for me.'

You say, 'What rare alchemy components?'

Marlyn McMerin says, 'I have heard word of four rare components - the clay of Ghiosk, crushed dread diamonds and powder of Yun. Most rare are chips from the bones of one who has touched the Bath of Obulus.'

Marlyn McMerin wants the following:

  • 2. Crushed Diamonds. Ground spawn in the Timorous Deep on the Golra island at -8850, -6040; just use invisibility and levitation to walk on to the island and pick it up.
    • Alternative: Go get a dufrenite (you can buy this at several cities). In the Dreadlands, in the area with all the wizard spires, there is a MOB called gem cutter skeleton. He is inside one of the pyramids (there's an entrance on the ground), and is KOS to everyone. An Enchanter, Necro, or Bard is required to charm him so that you can hail him, and he talks about sparklies. Ask him "what dread diamond," and he offers to trade a dufrenite for one. Give him a dufrenite (while he's charmed) and he gives you a Dread Diamond [No Drop](not crushed), and says how they are very valuable but more so in the crushed form, and that you would require high skill and a spectral pestle to crush it. The spectral pestles are found on spectral guardians in Kaesora and Trakanon's Teeth, and combining the dread diamond + spectral pestle to make Crushed Diamonds, which identifies as "Crushed Dread Diamonds" (trivializes at around 70 Alchemy skill, so make sure your skill is high enough - you lose the pestle, but get the diamond back).
  • 3. Yun Shaman Powder. Come from a froglok yun shaman in Trakanon's Teeth. It is droppable, black and called Yun Shaman Powder. Identifies as "Powder of Yun.". It does not appear to drop in FV at all. A powder that looks similar but identifies differently drops in FV only. The real Yun Shaman is in Trakanons Teeth only and he is lev41 so make sure you are prepared for a tough fight.
  • 4. Greyish Bone Chips. Bone chips from the bones of one who has touched the Bath of Obulus. These are called Greyish Bone Chips, and come from skeletal warlords (named mob) in Karnor's Castle. People will often let you loot these from their kill. They identify as "Obulus Bone Chips."

Return all 4 items to Marlyn.

Marlyn McMerin says, 'Incredible!! You have done well. I reward you with a spell which has been kept in my clan. I offer its secrets to one I now consider family.'

You gain experience!!

You receive McMerin's Feast.