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Castle is a casual guild that was built brick by brick by a garrison of adventurers. We made a fortified structure from which we could not only survive the wilds of Norrath, but also strike forth from and slay the evils that lie beyond our moat.

We have a Castle built on both the Blue and Green servers.


Core Spirit and Principles

  • We are clear on our identity as a guild: We are a casual guild for casual members of all skill levels. We do our own style of casual raiding and are always trying to build our capacity on that end things.
  • Castle has always been a friendly and accepting guild, lowering the drawbridge for Epic wielders and *Club white-knucklers alike.
  • We strive to be a home for people who are looking for a solid group and where help can be found in the guild chat.
  • We aim to maintain a level of fun and humor within the guild and the in game chat can get lively. We do Fun Events every now and then and always encourage everyone to come.

Basic Guild Tenets and Rules

  • Don't be toxic in guild chats or to players of P1999 outside of the guild. Try to work out differences in tells or get the guild leader or an officer involved if there's an issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Never involve yourself with RMT (Real Money Transfers).
  • Always abide by the P1999 server policies.
  • Our reputation as a well-respected guild made up of decent, good people is important to us. Never knowingly steal someone's camp, loot, and/or mobs.
  • We will not tolerate slurs, bullying/harassment, or general meanness, to your guildmates or to folks outside the guild.
  • To keep the guild inclusive and respectful, we ask that you keep discussions about politics, religion, or other divisive topics in tells rather than guild chat.
  • A bit of swearing is okay in guild chat, but extreme vulgarity, especially of a graphic/sexual nature, isn't cool.
  • All members must help keep hot tar buckets warm on the battlements and the moat well chummed with bixie meat for the iksars, trolls, and ogres that swim the perimeter for the Castle's defense.

Severe infractions or repeated failures to comport one's self within the Castle rules, whether in game or on Discord, can result in removal from the guild.

Guild Leadership

Oilexander (Guild Founder) can also be found on Priblund, Oinklund, Pintark, Palentine, and Bimbergrib.

Blue Server

Syphyn (Blue Server Guild Leader) can also be found on Syfythys and Devero.

Kobayashii (Senior Officer and Consigliere) can also be found on Wiltan, Medikku, Gheee, Tuminy, Tipsey, Yusha, Dialectica, Shikaze, Kikaze, Hikide, Dorama, Heishi, Majutsushin, Dakunaito, and Fhqwhgadss.

Looraden (Senior Officer) can also be found on Oolish, Xlither, Ginuadook, Justneedakey, and Mahmoole.

Bankor (Senior Officer) can also be found on Bankore, Bankorr, Bankorm, Bankorz, and Kenpoh.

Zzassafrazz (Officer) can also be found on Foxxtail, Oozin, and Sucubest.

Preudance (Officer) can also be found on Pollieanna, Hudaria, Bwnee, Ghylah, and Lorrie.

Endine (Officer) can also be found on Esunah and Ihri.

Tildayven (Officer) is comfortable with his singular identity.

Galahaad (Officer) can also be found on Guiddian.

Green Server

Oilexander/Burglecut (Guild Founder)

Naala/Potatus (Green Server Guild Leader)

Haank (Officer)

Portles (Officer) can also be found on Charismatic.

Baji (Officer)

Ehnjoy (Officer)

Hoppkins (Officer) can also be found on Hopkins.

Lidara (Officer)

Shapleigh (Officer) can also be found on Marconi.

Ryouki (Visiting Senior Officer (Kobayashii on Blue)) can also be found on Weytuminy and Kobamidori.

Kryg (Officer)

Lothir (Officer)

Daltarious (Officer)

Gratefuldead (Officer) can also be found on Girlfriends.

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