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Castle is a casual guild that was built brick by brick by a garrison of adventurers. We made a fortified structure from which we could not only survive the wilds of Norrath, but also strike forth from and slay the evils that lie beyond our moat.

We have a Castle built on both the Blue and Green servers.


Core Spirit and Principles

  • We are clear on our identity as a guild: We are a casual guild for casual members of all skill levels. We do our own style of casual raiding and are always trying to build our capacity on that end of things.
  • Castle has always been a friendly and accepting guild, lowering the drawbridge for Epic wielders and *Club white-knucklers alike.
  • We strive to be a home for people who are looking for a solid group and where help can be found in the guild chat.
  • We aim to maintain a level of fun and humor within the guild and the in game chat can get lively. We do fun events every now and then and always encourage everyone to come.

Basic Guild Tenets and Rules

  • Don't be toxic in guild chats or to players of P1999 outside of the guild. Try to work out differences in tells or get the guild leader or an officer involved if there's an issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Never involve yourself with RMT (Real Money Transfers).
  • Always abide by the P1999 server policies.
  • Our reputation as a well-respected guild made up of decent, good people is important to us. Never knowingly steal someone's camp, loot, and/or mobs.
  • The GMs may not always enforce the character naming policies, but that doesn't mean your tastelessly named character is welcome in Castle. In particular: names that include vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words, anatomical references, racial/religious/homophobic slurs, and homonyms of these words (or combinations of words that produce an offensive result) will not receive a /guildinvite, and may receive a /guildremove if they slipped through the cracks and got invited anyway.
  • We will not tolerate slurs, bullying/harassment, or general meanness, to your guildmates or to folks outside the guild.
  • To keep the guild inclusive and respectful, we ask that you keep discussions about politics, religion, or other divisive topics in tells rather than guild chat.
  • We typically allow alts to remain in the guild after a main has moved on (and allow friends from other guilds to join the guild on their alts). However, we will evaluate which Discord roles departing members will retain on a case-by-case basis, factoring in the circumstances under which the main left and the guild the main joined (particularly if it is one with which we frequently compete for targets).
  • A bit of swearing is okay in guild chat, but extreme vulgarity, especially of a graphic/sexual nature, isn't cool.
  • Please don't be disruptive in voice chat. There is a time and place for small talk in voice channels, but it is not during pulls, corpse recoveries, or any time the raid leaders/officers present are giving instructions.
  • All members must help keep hot tar buckets warm on the battlements and the moat well chummed with bixie meat for the iksars, trolls, and ogres that swim the perimeter for the Castle's defense.

Severe infractions or repeated failures to comport one's self within the Castle rules, whether in game or on Discord, can result in removal from the guild.

Corrective Actions (12/10/2022 - Blue Server)

We don't have a lot of complicated rules in <Castle>, but the one we take most seriously is don't be toxic. While it's obvious that this includes voice, /gu, /g, and Discord channels, this also includes stirring up drama about anyone in particular through private conversations. Depending on the nature of an issue, we prefer to give someone an opportunity to correct their behavior through one or more direct conversations.
The Blue Server chapter of this guild has two guild leaders, a few senior officers, and a handful of regular officers, and we are essentially volunteers that try to keep this guild a place that's fun for all of our members. We drop what we're doing to go invite folks' alts and friends, get them spells for the bank, and organize events so folks have stuff to do together. We don't get anything for that, but we do expect that when we give guidance, that guidance is accepted and respected.
There is no specific "three strikes and you're out" policy within <Castle>, but we try to give folks a chance to correct their behavior as much as possible rather than being heavy-handed with the /guildremove command. All that having been said, if a member has been given guidance about their conduct and that guidance is met with hostility rather than by taking personal responsibility (or if that person placates the leadership team in direct conversations but privately stirs up drama afterwards), this isn't the right guild for that person.
While no guild is perfect, we try our best to keep <Castle> a chill, low-drama, fun place that welcomes members who share that goal.

Guild Bank Policies (Blue Server)

To help our members be the best versions of themselves, we maintain a guild bank including research components and high level spell drops. These items are for our members' use only and are not to be resold or given away. A link to the spreadsheet containing all of the available research components and spells can be found in Discord in the pinned post of the #withdrawal-requests channel. Please note the following:

  • You should be within a level or two at most from being able to use any spell you request.
  • For research components, you may request up to three of any components you need at a time (so that you have extra chances if you fail a combine). If we have a large quantity of a particular component we can make exceptions, but the research bank is for making spells, not gaining research skillups.
  • Requests for items from the guild bank should be posted in #withdrawal-requests. Please note which banker character has the items you need (and whether it is in an inventory or bank slot). A guild banker officer will reply to coordinate a time to hand off your items.
  • Likewise, if you have spells or research components to donate, please also make a post in #withdrawal-requests to schedule a time with a banker.
  • All guild bank transactions take place in the Rivervale bank. If you aren't able to walk freely in Rivervale due to faction, please say so in your request so arrangements can be made to run the items to you at the Kithicor zoneline inside Rivervale.
  • The guild bank does not loan money EVER. (Any available funds are for things like Sky/Hate portal reagents.) Additionally, any gear in the guild bank is either for use as prizes at social events, or to be disbursed only after discussion among officers.

Guild Event Loot Policies (Blue Server)

In <Castle>, we love doing things together. When we're doing stuff together and loot drops, we want to distribute it as fairly as possible among those in attendance. Depending on the situation, the following rules will apply:

  • Single Groups (XP or otherwise) -- Work it out amongst yourselves. <Castle> doesn't govern loot in single-group situations; we just recommend that if anyone is unsure about it from the start, you should talk about it up-front.
  • Unplanned Events -- If a bunch of <Castle> members decide to do a multi-group event and there is an officer present, that officer will declare the loot policy to be either Need-Before-Greed (NBG) or Open Rolls (GREED) depending on the type of event.
  • Planned Events -- If we schedule an event (meaning that the event is announced in the guild MOTD and/or the #raid-schedule channel in Discord), the loot policy for that event will Need-Before-Greed (NBG) unless specified otherwise in advance.
  • Raids with Allied Guilds -- <Castle> is now part of the Sanctum raiding alliance <Sanctum> in which our members earn and can bid Sanctum DKP. During any <Sanctum> event we attend, loot rules are governed by their loot policies rather than ours. NOTE: Our members are required to adhere to the alliance loot rules as they apply to alliance raids. If you break alliance loot rules, you're breaking <Castle> rules. Please keep that in mind so we can maintain our good standing with our allies, and if you're unsure about the rules, please ask an officer.
Need-Before-Greed (NBG)

<Castle> defines the "need before greed" policy to apply to an item that would be an upgrade to the character you're on (PRESENT CHARACTER). This assumes your present character is of a level consistent with the requirements of the raid. (ie. don't show up to Kael Arena on your level 20 character expecting to qualify for loot.) If an item drops that would be an upgrade to your PRESENT CHARACTER, you may participate in the NBG roll for that item. The LOOT MASTER (typically the officer running the event or another designated officer) will ask everyone to roll "NEED" if it will be an upgrade, and will present the number to roll (such as /ran 1111, /ran 2222, etc.) The highest roll will win the item. If there is a tie, the LOOT MASTER will ask the members who rolled the tie to /ran 100, and the winner will win the item. If nobody present would be upgraded by that item, the LOOT MASTER will then ask everyone to roll "GREED", and will present the number to roll. The highest roll will win the item. If there is a tie, the LOOT MASTER will tell the members who rolled the tie to /ran 100, and the winner will win the item.

Open Rolls (GREED)

Depending on the makeup of some events, the leader of that event (or the attendees, if there is no officer leading the event) may declare that event to use GREED rolls. For those events, whenever any item drops, the LOOT MASTER will ask everyone to roll "GREED", and will present the number to roll. The highest roll will win the item. If there is a tie, the LOOT MASTER will tell the members who rolled the tie to /ran 100, and the winner will win the item.

Exceptions (on Multi-Group events)
  • There may be occasions in which a member may be asked to play a character other than the character they intended to bring, in order to fill a specific need (such as not enough tanks/healers/slowers, etc.). When that happens, that member may choose AT THE START OF THE RAID whether they will be rolling for the character they intended to bring or for their PRESENT CHARACTER.
  • If event is an Epic Fight (a fight for a drop that is part of someone's epic quest), it will be assumed up front that the item needed for that person's epic will go to that person. If multiple people working on that same epic are on that same step and are in attendance and the event hasn’t been declared to be for a specific person, there will be a roll amongst the folks who are on that step to determine which one gets to loot that drop. We can then schedule another fight for the other member(s) needing that drop.
  • For certain events, such as the Myconid Spore King (or named mobs in the crypt area of Sebilis, or other tradeable high-plat-value targets in other zones), the drops will be handled by GREED roll unless otherwise specified at the start of the event. If you win a particular item on that event, you are no longer eligible to roll on that item if it drops again during the same event. (For example, if a Fungus Covered Scale Tunic were to drop twice and you won the first roll, you may not roll for the second one, even if someone offers to hold it for you and transfer to another character.)
  • There is no such thing as HYBRID-NEED (ie. participating in NBG rolls because you need an item for an alt character you did not bring). If you’re trying to gear up your alt and your alt is high enough to attend, bring your alt to the event. Except when asked to play a specific character by the RAID LEADER, NBG only applies to your PRESENT CHARACTER, no matter how much it seems like the guild needs more of your alt’s class.

Guild Leadership

Oilexander (Guild Founder) can also be found on Priblund, Oinklund, Pintark, Palentine, and Bimbergrib on blue and Oilexander and Burglecut on green.

Blue Server

Syphyn (Blue Server Co-Leader) is on hiatus. When he is back, he can also be found on Syfythys and Devero.

Looraden (Blue Server Co-Leader/Raid Leader) can also be found on Oolish, Xlither, Ginuadook, Justneedakey, and Mahmoole.

Kobayashii (Blue Server Co-Leader/Consigliere) can also be found on Wiltan, Dialectica, Hikide, Tuminy, Tipsey, Medikku, Gheee, Longbranch, Yusha, Shikaze, Dorama, Waytuminy, Majutsushin, Lavander, Dakunaito, Kikaze, Bruton, Fhqwhgadss, and Mrslovett (mule).

Bankor (Senior Officer) can also be found on Bankore, Bankorr, Bankorm, Bankorz, and Kenpoh.

Zzassafrazz (Senior Officer) can also be found on Foxxtail, Oozin, Sucubest, Moridian, and Whozza.

Preudance (Officer) can also be found on Pollieanna, Hudaria, Bwnee, Ghylah, and Lorrie.

Acendar (Officer) can also be found on Flordaman and Kwiet.

Galahaad (Officer) can also be found on Guiddian and Herocaller.

Fogaath (Officer) can also be found on Anvox and Fogath (but probably not on Soulin).

Elmdore (Officer) can also be found on Rrazor and Moonside.

Duwen (Officer) can also be found on Mikasaa and Teknologic.

Sprokley (Officer) can also be found on Nazghool, Shidoshi, and Clerry.

Cindwin (Officer) can also be found on Celtin and Treyvas.

Lhariel (Officer) is on hiatus. When she is back, she can also be found on Wyndmoon.

Green Server

Oilexander/Burglecut (Guild Founder)

Naala/Potatus (Green Server Guild Leader)

Haank (Officer)

Portles (Officer) can also be found on Charismatic.

Baji (Officer)

Ehnjoy (Officer)

Hoppkins (Officer) can also be found on Hopkins.

Lidara (Officer)

Shapleigh (Officer) can also be found on Marconi.

Ryouki (Visiting Senior Officer (Kobayashii on Blue)) can also be found on Weytuminy and Kobamidori.

Kryg (Officer)

Lothir (Officer)

Daltarious (Officer)

Gratefuldead (Officer) can also be found on Girlfriends.

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