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Items in this category are only usable by worshipers of Brell Serilis.

Brell Serilis Jewelry is made from Imbued Rubys and will the give +STA/-AGI in addition to the same STR/WIS as compared to the non-imbued Ruby Jewelry.

There are two symbols which can cast Strengthen and Summon Holy Ale of Brell. (cleric only)

Dwarven Cultural Brell Serilis armor has 3 different versions

Chain version will give 137AC +39Str +52Sta +23FR as a full set with 2 bracers.
Plate Imbued non-Enchanted version will give 159AC +43Wis +36FR as a full set with 2 bracers.
Plate Imbued Enchanted version will give 179AC +63Str +74Sta +43Wis +36FR +35MR as a full set with 2 bracers.

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