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These miniature versions of the gods are part of a puppet show in the Plane of Mischief. All are known to drop Throne cards for the Deck of Spontaneous Generation Quest.

Bristlebane Puppet and Erollisi Puppet are on the regular POM faction and are indifferent. They will assist each other as well as any other indifferent POM mobs. The rest of the puppets are all KOS and assist each other, but do not social other POM mobs.

Puppets start spawning 45 seconds after 8am Norrath time. They spawn in waves with only a few seconds between each. Wave 1 is Bristlebane Puppet and Tunare Puppet. Wave 2 is one Tribunal Puppet. Wave 3 is the second Tribunal Puppet. Wave 4 is the final Tribunal Puppet and Erollisi Puppet. Wave 5 is Innoruuk Puppet and Solusek Puppet. Wave 6 is Rallos Puppet and is the final spawn wave.

If Geb is still alive the real Bristlebane (God) will spawn in the crowd at 9am Norrath time, shout, and shortly after all puppets will despawn. Killing Geb before 9am Norrath time will ensure all puppets do not despawn, this includes puppets from previous cycles as well, leading to double spawns if you don’t clear them in a timely manner.

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