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Coldain Ring Quests

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Garadain Glacierbane
Start Zone: Eastern Wastes
Quest Giver: Garadain Glacierbane
Minimum Level: 30+ (to start)
Classes: All
Related Zones: Various
Related NPCs: Various


  • Copper Coldain Insignia Ring
    Copper Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 748.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 1
    STR: +1
    SV MAGIC: +1
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Silver Coldain Insignia Ring
    Silver Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 874.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 2
    STR: +2
    SV MAGIC: +2
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Gold Coldain Insignia Ring
    Gold Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 615.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 3
    STR: +3
    SV MAGIC: +3
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring
    Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 873.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 4
    STR: +4
    SV MAGIC: +4
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring
    Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 674.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 5
    STR: +5
    SV MAGIC: +5
    WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring
    Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 880.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 6
    STR: +6
    SV MAGIC: +6
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring
    Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 614.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 7
    STR: +7
    SV MAGIC: +7
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Velium Coldain Insignia Ring
    Velium Coldain Insignia Ring
    Item 616.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 8
    STR: +8
    SV MAGIC: +8
    Effect: Shield of the Eighth (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring
    Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring
    Item 617.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 9
    STR: +9 STA: +9 HP: +50
    SV MAGIC: +9
    Effect: Shield of the Eighth (Must Equip/Can Equip, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
    Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
    Item 515.png

    Slot: FINGER
    AC: 10
    STR: +10 STA: +10 HP: +100
    SV MAGIC: +10
    Effect: Frostreaver's Blessing (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


Trivials Overview

Tradeskill Trivial Levels

Ring Tradeskill
#1 Copper Coldain Insignia Ring Tailoring: 41
#3 Gold Coldain Insignia Ring Blacksmithing: 41
#9 Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring Brewing: 248

Tradeskill Success Chances

Chance to succeed tradeskill combine with various skill levels

  • 41 Trivial: Tailoring / Smithing
  • 41 Skill = 67%
  • 51 Skill = 77%
  • 61 Skill = 87%
  • 70 Skill = 95% (max)
  • 248 Trivial: Brewing
  • 200 Skill = 67%
  • 210 Skill = 74%
  • 220 Skill = 84%
  • 230 Skill = 95% (max)



Copper Coldain Insignia Ring (#1)

Item Requirements (Copper Coldain Insignia Ring):

You say, 'Hail, Garadain Glacierbane'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hrmff, what's this? A spy sent from the giant heathens, or the selfrighteous wurms perhaps? Either way, you'd be no [friend] of the great Coldain.'

You say, 'I am a friend.'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A friend, you say? That remains to be seen. Much more to being a friend of the Coldain than just sayin' so. Anyway, I'm too [tired] to argue about it. I haven't slept in days.'

You say, 'Why are you tired?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Did I say tired? Exhausted is more like it. Ever since that blizzard last week I haven't slept a wink. I came back from huntin' snow orcs to find that my [blanket] had blown away and now I'm just too tired to rustle up a new one.'

You say, 'What blanket?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Not just any old blanket, mind ye, mine was made of the finest tundra kodiak hides and snow panther skins, two of each. When I was wrapped up in it ya couldn't see me a bit, no, I blended right into the snow, I did. Say, if you be a friend, here's yer chance to prove it. Sew me up a new blanket so I can get some rest.'

Step 1

You must now hunt animals in Eastern Wastes for their hides.

Step 2

Garadain's blanket must be made from 2 High Quality Cougarskin and 2 High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt. Tailor them together to craft a Coldain Hunting Blanket and give this to Garadain.

Item 552.png 2 x High Quality Cougarskin - Dropped
Item 552.png 2 x High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt - Dropped
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, that'll do fine. Take this, it is but a trinket for now, but continue to serve the Coldain and it will grow in power. I must get some rest now, for I have been told my [nephew] has disappeared again and I will need to track him down tomorrow.'
  • Your faction standing with Coldain got better.
  • Your faction standing with Dain Frostreaver IV got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got better.

You gain experience!!

Silver Coldain Insignia Ring (#2)

Item Requirements (Silver Coldain Insignia Ring):

At the end of the previous quest, Garadain mentioned his nephew.

You say, 'What nephew?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'My nephew, Boridain, keeps running away from home to kill a bothersome [beast], thinking this will prove to all of Thurgadin that he is a great hunter. Every time he does this my sister gets hysterical and I am sent out to find him.'

You say, 'What beast?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A rabid tundra kodiak has been feeding on our people for weeks now. If Boridain ever stumbled across the critter I doubt he'd stand a chance. I have a solution, but it would require the [assistance] of an outsider.'

You say, 'I will give assistance.'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'I'm taking a liking to you stranger. Your eagerness to help us will not go unnoticed. Find my nephew and give him this axe. It should keep him from hurting himself. Return to me with the ring and proof that he is safe.'

Step 1

You receive a Dull Bladed Axe. Take it to his nephew, Boridain Glacierbane, who spawns at -2450, +1550.

You say, 'Hail, Boridain Glacierbane'

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Hello stranger, I am Boridain, master hunter of the Coldain. Glad to meet you.'

Step 2

Give Boridain Glacierbane the Dull Bladed Axe.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Say! This looks just like the axe my uncle uses. With this I can kill the beast for sure! Now please, be very quiet, I must track my prey. I won't return to Thurgadin without the hide of the rabid tundra kodiak!'

You must now follow Boridain Glacierbane around and keep him alive while he hunts for the Rabid Tundra Kodiak. He will go to certain dangerous locations such as the giant fort, the prison camp, and the Ry'gorr fort, before finally encountering the Rabid Tundra Kodiak. You must protect him from any aggressive monsters en route, as well as from any static spawns he finds in these locations. It's useful to duo with someone so one can fight the monsters ahead and one can protect Boridain.

Step 3

Make sure you are the one to kill the Rabid Tundra Kodiak and not Boridain Glacierbane, or the corpse will disappear. Once you have killed the Rabid Tundra Kodiak, loot the Rabid Kodiak Skin and quickly give it to Boridain Glacierbane (he despawns within a minute or so).

He will give you a Broken Axe, which you then turn in to his uncle Garadain Glacierbane along with your Copper Coldain Insignia Ring as proof of having aided his nephew to receive your Silver Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Well done friend! My nephew is safe at home and his thirst for adventure is quenched for now. The beast will claim no more of our people. I couldn't have handled it better myself. Now I can get back to the business of [hunting].'
  • Your faction standing with Coldain got better.
  • Your faction standing with Dain Frostreaver IV got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got better.

You gain experience!!

Note: There are a few ways in which the end of part 2 can go wrong (aside from the obvious error of attacking Boridain):

  • If Boridain kills the kodiak, then the corpse will disappear, and Boridain will despawn shortly thereafter.
  • If the kodiak is not killed quickly enough (~1 minute), then Boridain will wander off and despawn while you are in combat.
  • While you are killing the kodiak, Boridain will attack any nearby orcs, but this does not reset his despawn timer. So, once the orc is killed, Boridain is likely to immediately despawn.

If you are not able to kill the kodiak quickly enough (which is likely if you are solo), then make sure that you at least kill the kodiak and loot the skin. When Boridian respawns (3 hours later), you can give him another Dull Bladed Axe. Once he starts walking, immediately give him the Rabid Kodiak Skin to receive the reward. Boridain will give you the Broken Axe and keep walking (to his death, unless someone escorts him).

Gold Coldain Insignia Ring (#3)

Item Requirements (Gold Coldain Insignia Ring)

At the end of the previous quest, Garadain mentioned hunting.

You say, 'What hunting?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'My camp here boasts the most proficient hunters in the recorded history of the mighty Coldain empire. We alone could feed an entire clan. Things have been frustratingly [slow] lately, though.'

You say, 'How slow?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'After years of skinning the hides of the giantmen, my hunting knife has lost its edge. The dull blade has slowed me down considerably. It has served me well, but a new [knife] would make me a much more proficient hunter.'

You say, 'What knife?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hunt a wooly rhino and take his tusk, then take a flawless hide from a walrus. Combine them in a forge with a skinning rock and bring me the new knife and the silver insignia ring.'

Step 1

You must now gather 3 items in the zone.

Step 2

After collecting the items, you must now smith them together in a forge to craft a Coldain Hunting Knife (trivial 41)

Item 871.png 1 x Skinning Rock - Ground Spawn
Item 807.png 1 x Wooly Rhino Horn - Dropped
Item 554.png 1 x High Quality Walrus Hide - Dropped

Step 3

Hand the Coldain Hunting Knife along with your Silver Coldain Insignia Ring into Garadain Glacierbane to receive your Gold Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hrmm, not quite the work of a Coldain. Barely functional, in fact. I'll be needing to touch this up a bit. Fetch me a Coldain [smithing hammer] and I'll be sure to tell my associates in Thurgadin of your deeds.'
  • Your faction standing with Coldain got better.
  • Your faction standing with Dain Frostreaver IV got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got better.

You gain experience!!

Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring (#4)

At the end of the previous quest, Garadain Glacierbane mentioned a smithing hammer.

Step 1 (Optional)

You say, 'What smithing hammer?'

Garadain Glacierbane says '[Tain] Hammerfrost can get you one. Find him and give him this.'

You receive a Note to Tain.

You say, 'Who is Tain?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Tain left a short time ago, he said he had a score to settle with a particular Kromriff.'

Step 2

Tain Hammerfrost is a wounded dwarf lying on the ground at -4950, -2650, a bit west of the bridge to Iceclad Ocean. Giving him the Note to Tain doesn't do much, so try hailing him.

You say, 'Hail, Tain Hammerfrost'

Tain Hammerfrost says 'The bloody Kromrif ambushed me! I escaped, but I am near death. They'll be tracking me down to finish me off at any moment. Without [help], I'm as good as dead.'

You say, 'I will help.'

Tain Hammerfrost says 'Thank Brell! I hear them approaching from just over that hill! Slay the leader, Ghrek, and give me his elixir.'

Step 3

Three frost giants and a named leader, Ghrek Squatnot, spawn on a hill a bit east of Tain's location. They will kill Tain (forcing you to wait for him to respawn), so your best bet is to intercept them and draw aggro before they can reach him. Kill Ghrek and loot the Frozen Elixir from his corpse. Give the Frozen Elixir to Tain Hammerfrost. (Note: if Tain was killed by the giants and you are turning the Elixir in to a Respawned version, be sure to say 'I will help.' again BEFORE handing him the vial to prevent him from eating it.)

Tain Hammerfrost says 'I will report your selfless actions when I return to Thurgadin. Take this for your troubles, friend. I hope you find it useful. Fare thee well.'

You receive a Coldain Smithing Hammer

You gain experience!!

Step 4

Return to Garadain Glacierbane and give him the Coldain Smithing Hammer along with your Gold Coldain Insignia Ring to receive your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, there we go now, that's more like it. It would be time to return to the hunt were it not for the [plans] our spies have discovered.'

You gain experience!!

Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring (#5)

At the end of the previous quest, Garadain mentioned plans.

You say, 'What plans?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'The bloody Ry'Gorr, friends of the frost giants, plan to raid our encampment. Their captain, Scarbrow Ga'hruk is leading the raid. I need someone to intercept his [orders] so we may prepare for the attack. Without them we could be in serious trouble.'

You say, 'What orders?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Find the Ry'Gorr messenger and cut him down. Bring the message he carries to my lookout. When the attack is thwarted, return to me with the head of Scarbrow and the platinum insignia ring.'

Step 1

The Ry'Gorr Messenger generally makes a beeline from the north toward the Ry'Gorr fort. Kill him and loot Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans.

Step 2

Give the Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans to a coldain lookout near Garadain Glacierbane's hut. This will start the orc invasion so be ready!

a coldain lookout shouts ' Aahhh..You're too late! They're upon us! To arms men! Death to Scarbrow!'
  • Your faction standing with Coldain got better (+10).
  • Your faction standing with Dain Frostreaver IV got better (+10).
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse.

You gain experience!!

NOTE* 30-June-2022 tested Indifferent to Amiably with Coldain; repeating Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans part of this quest will grant +10 faction per turn in. Do not turn in multiple Plans in a single trade. Turn in as singles only.

Orc Invasion Information

Mobs that spawn


  • The Orcs spawn south west of the camp.
  • If you engage them as soon as they spawn they won't attack the dwarves.
  • Without your assistance the orcs will probably wipe out the dwarves.
  • DO NOT allow the dwarves to engage Scarbrow Ga`Hruk, his corpse will disappear if one of them gets the kill shot.
  • The trick is to intercept Scarbrow Ga`Hruk while he is still some distance away from the huts and let the dwarves and the rest of the rygorr battle it out amongst themselves.
  • You may also want to keep an eye on Garadain Glacierbane, as it can take a while (30 minutes or so) for him to respawn if he is killed, he is need to finish the quest.

Scarbrow Ga`Hruk drops Head of Scarbrow and occasionally a Frozen Orb. Loot the Head of Scarbrow.

Step 3

Give the Head of Scarbrow and your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain Glacierbane to receive your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Without your assistance, we would have lost our camp and our lives. Again, I thank you. Now that you have proven your loyalty to the throne I have a special [favor] to ask of you.'

You gain experience!!

Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring (#6)

At the end of the previous quest, Garadain mentioned a favor.

You say, 'What favor?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'For several seasons there has been an unsolved mystery in this land. Not far from here an elite team of Coldain and their trained wolves were gathered to make a strike at the Kromrif. No one knows just what became of our strike force. Bring me proof of their fate and proof that whoever was responsible for their loss is no more.'

Step 1

Warning: Make sure to clear the orc camp near the Iceclad bridge (7 on wiki map) before starting the quest. This will prevent 5+ extra adds during the Poxbreath fight. (The orcs can be harmonied, and with a 6:40 respawn time having them clear when you arrive with Icefang would require a 2nd team to do the clearing, so take this with a grain of salt.) A level 60 was able to pull Poxbreath out of the pile using a ranged attack with only two additional orcs coming, for a total of 3, even with a full spawn at the camp, so clearing the camp might not be required.

To find proof of their fate, your journey begins with Korrigain, located in the southwestern corner of the zone. He generally spawns around 9 p.m. game time at the dwarven hut near Icefang, the named dire wolf.

You say, 'Hail, Korrigain'

Korrigain says 'Who dares disturb my rest? If ye be a friend of the mighty Coldain, then show me proof and I shall tell you of my plight. If not, then be on your way.'

Give him your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring (he will return it). Be prepared to follow Icefang at running speed.

Korrigain says 'Many seasons ago I stood here in life with my comrades, the best warriors Thurgadin had to offer. Along with our faithful wolven army we were poised to eliminate the Kromrif presence in the region. Somehow, the enemy was made aware of our plans and just before our attack, a group of Ry'Gorr oracles charmed our wolves, forcing them to tear down their own masters. We were caught by surprise and died a savage death.'

During the conversation with Korrigain, Icefang comes out of his hut and stands next to Korrigain, who then proceeds to buff his loyal doggie sidekick.

Korrigain says 'All that remains from that battle is my loyal Icefang. He will not rest until I am avenged. Follow and watch after him. He alone knows where our attackers lie and he cannot overcome them by himself. May Brell bless you with success, farewell.'

Step 2

Follow Icefang

  • Icefang then runs generally east to the orc hut near the bridge to Iceclad Ocean.
  • You must follow Icefang and keep him alive.
  • His route is not direct and his speed is around Spirit of Wolf speed.
  • Wandering orcs and giants will aggro on him, so you must keep him alive en route.

Step 2.1

Fight Poxbreath Yellowfang

You have slain Poxbreath Yellowfang!

You gain experience!!

--You have looted a Note from Kromrif.--

The note reads:

Commander Yellowfang, Your handling of the Coldain elite guard was outstanding. It will take the 
stumpymen many years to recover from that slaughter. My superiors are well pleased.
Your loyalty and service to the Kromrif have sealed an alliance between our peoples that we shall
honor from this day forward. The bulk of this treasure is for you to distribute among your men as 
you see fit. We ask that you provide well for your coldain informant, Rodrick Kotrad, as your 
success would have been impossible without his cooperation.
Surikka Squatnot

Step 3

The coldain traitor is really one Rodrick Tardok, who spawns in the small tower outside the northwest corner of the Ry`Gorr Keep. Every once in a while a Ry`Gorr Emissary will spawn there. If you leave him alone for a few minutes, Rodrick Tardok will spawn inside the tower.

You have slain Rodrick Tardok!

You gain experience!!

Loot Rodrick's Head and Dirk of the Traitor (keep the Dirk, as it is used in the 9th quest in this series.)

Turn Rodrick's Head, the Note from Kromrif, and your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain Glacierbane to receive your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring. This turn-in is MQable.

Garadain Glacierbane lowers his head and mutters, 'At least there will be some closure for their families, thanks to you. The Ry`gorr will pay for this with their lives! I will ask you to help us in the invasion of Ry`gorr keep, but first I have a delicate [mission] I was hoping you'd handle.'

You gain experience!!

Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring (#7)

At the end of the 6th quest, Garadain Glacierbane mentioned a delicate [mission].

You say, 'What mission?'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A Coldain... A very important Coldain, has been abducted by the Ry'gorr. He was gathering information that is imperative to our victory over the brainless heathens. You must find him before he is killed and escort him to safety. Return to me with proof that Corbin Blackwell is safe.'

Step 1

First you must Kill Warden Bruke for his Shackle Key (no drop) and then you must find and rescue Corbin Blackwell.

Warden Bruke can spawn in the east most building in the camp where Corbin Blackwell is located(2 on wiki map) - keep killing the lone Kromrif Prison Guard until he spawns. He is immune to magic and spawns 3 frost giant warrior guards when engaged. The guards are buggy and sometimes just follow Bruke without attacking you. If you kill Bruke they will guard his corpse until it rots.

You say, 'Hail, Corbin Blackwell'

Corbin Blackwell says 'Hurry! There's not much time. give me the key and show me proof that you are a friend sent to rescue me...'

Step 2

Give both the Shackle Key and your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring to Corbin Blackwell(he will give back the ring). He will then make his escape. You must protect Corbin until he reaches Dobbin Crossaxe. (Ulthorks and walrus do not agro him while he walks east of the pit.)

Step 3

Along the way, four Ry`Gorr Bashers and four Frost Giant Warriors including Commander Bahreck, a named giant, will attack Corbin at the same time.

When Corbin Blackwell reaches (-551, -1890) he will be ambushed.
Corbin Blackwell says 'I thought I was a dwarfskin rug there for a minute! Thank Brell for your help stranger! Now cover me while I make good my escape. I am weakened and cannot endure much more.'
Corbin Blackwell says 'Almost there now, just a bit further...'
Corbin Blackwell says 'Uh oh, looks like they were tipped off somehow... I hope you can handle them.'
Corbin Blackwell says 'I'll hack at your knees 'til you fall down! Out of love for the Dain, for the glory of the crown!'

You must keep him alive. The easiest way to complete the ambush part is to position yourself slightly in front of Corbin at the ambush point then sit down and use sit aggro to grab the entire ambush. You will have to sit twice to grab both groups, then you can kite the giants to the huts and do circles while the dwarves aggro on the kite and take them down one by one.

You have slain Ry`Gorr Basher!

You have slain Kromrif Soldier!

  • Your faction standing with Coldain got better.
  • Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse.

You have slain Commander Bahreck!

  • Your faction standing with Coldain got better.
  • Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse.

Once Commander Bahreck is slain, and Corbin is no longer in combat, he will proceed to Dobbin

Once he reaches Dobbin, Dobbin will thank you for rescuing him.

Corbin Blackwell says 'I have escaped! With the help of our friends here I was saved from certain death. We are in their debt.'
Dobbin Crossaxe says 'We thought it was too late, the Dain will be very pleased!'

Step 4 IMPORTANT: Before Dobbin Crossaxe usually has a Light Red colored beard. You Must wait until he respawns with a BLACK colored beard before turning in or you will LOSE your Ring and have to start the entire quest over!!!

Give Dobbin Crossaxe your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring in exchange for a note to Garadain.

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'Thank you, _____, your deeds will be mentioned to the Dain. Please take this note from Corbin to Garadain, it may help him to achieve victory over the enemy.'

The version of Dobbin you have to give the ring to has a dark gray/black beard. At some point he will despawn and a red-bearded version will appear. Giving the ring to the red-bearded version will result in losing your ring. It is possible for both versions to appear at once. If that happens you can still complete the quest, just be very careful to make sure you click the correct one, as they will be on top of each other.

You gain experience!!

Go back to Garadain Glacierbane and give him the note. He will reward you with the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring and the final quest.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Thank you, _____, your service to our people has been most helpful. The time has come for our people to make war with the Ry`gorr. They must pay for their transgressions against our people. We are just waiting on you. Prepare yourself for glorious battle and tell me when you are [ready].'

You gain experience!!

Velium Coldain Insignia Ring (#8)

See Ring 8 Server Roll for the Ring 8 Server Roll times.

This is the 8th Garadain quest. It is an all out war against Chief Ry'Gorr and his troops.

As you can see, the 8th quest is tough. You only get ONE chance to do it right. Once you give Garadain your ring, you hand in the Marching Orders to lady Gloradin (24 hour respawn). The seige of the orc fort then occurs. You must kill Chief Ry`Gorr, loot his head, and give the head to Garadain. Garadain must be kept alive, as he only accepts the head during the event (and only after he yells "CHARGE!"). Chief Ry'gorr only has a head during this event.

The preferred strategy is as follows: You need anywhere from 2-6 people from 55-60 to do this comfortably. Once you are ready to hand in your marching orders, have your friends invis up and run inside the Ry'Gorr fort. Have them run in through the main entrance, turn right, and run down a ways to a space that is relatively open and clear of mobs. **MAKE SURE GARADAIN IS ALIVE**. Now hand in the marching orders to Gloradin Coldheart.

The event is now in motion and there is no way back. Lose now and you have to start over with the 1st Coldain Ring! Garadain Glacierbane will start walking over towards the Ry'Gorr fort with a small dwarven army. As soon as you have handed in the marching orders, invis up and run to where your friends are located inside the fort. Now your objective will be to kill the special version of Chief Ry`Gorr that is about to spawn, loot his head and hand it in to Garadain BEFORE the dwarves charge the orc fort but AFTER Garadain has shouted CHARGE!

After a minute or two of handing in the orders the special version of Chief Ry'Gorr spawns along side a few giant guards and a few Orc friends near the entrance to the fort on the inside. Now you are going to want to pull him and kill him as fast as possible. You can use lull/harmony and pull him without getting the giants but the Oracle standing next to him will come no matter what when the chief is aggroed, harmony or not. However the Oracle can be Pacified. The chief and his pet firbrand and maybe the oracle come and you kill the chief asap and loot his head. He's not particularly resistant, can be slowed and does not have very many hps. 2 or 3 60s can do this easily if at least one is a healer and one is a dps.

Once you have the head invis up and run back out the main entrance of the fort and north. Here you will find a small army of dwarf archers and soldiers as well as Garadain standing overlooking the Ry'Gorr fort. If you have done this relatively quickly you will catch Garadain giving a pep talk to his troops. Do NOT hand him the chief's head yet. If you do it now you lose it and everything. Once Garadain is done talking he will start walking towards the fort and once he shouts 'CHARGE' you are clear to hand him the head. You don't need to worry about him visibly despawning and respawning or anything like that. 'CHARGE' is your green light. Hand him the head and you get the 8th ring. The reason to do it this way is that you avoid having to fight out the big battle that is about to ensue. If Garadain gets down to the fort he will be locked in battle and if he were to die it's all over too. So doing things this way lets you avoid all that.

You say, 'I am ready.'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Very Well, <NAME>, give me the Adamantite ring and I will give you the marching orders. Once the orders are given to Gloradin in the next hut, we will be underway. You then must follow me to what will be our battleground. I must warn you, I will hold your ring until the head of Chief Ry'Gorr is given to me. If we fail, all will be lost... for both of us.

Give Garadain your Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Give this to Gloradin and return to me immediately, it is time. May Brell be with us!'

' Gloradin Coldheart is a 24 hour spawn and after you turn in Marching Orders she despawns and respawns instantly and starts walking. She will eat any more marching orders givin to her after she has respawned and started walking.

Give Gloradin Coldheart Marching Orders and be prepared for the war.

Gloradin Coldheart says 'Thank you. I will return to the Dain and inform him that the battle is underway. Please escort Garadain to the battlefield and see that he returns safely. May Brell bless you and bring you victory over these beasts.'

You gain experience!!

Garadain starts to walk towards the Orc fort.

You say, 'Hail, Garadain Glacierbane'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Follow me closely, friend, time is of the essence. I will describe our situation as we walk.'

Your pulse quickens in anticipation of battle!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'The Dain's own royal troops will be at our disposal for the battle. This is good news, they are hardened, experienced soldiers. The bad news is that our sources indicate that the Ry`gorr have been alerted to our presence and will be ready for an attack. This is most unfortunate... They will not go down without a fierce fight.'

You hear the pounding of Ry`gorr war drums.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'It is of utmost importance that you stay with me throughout the fight. Your focus must be on killing Chief Rygorr and keeping me alive, mind that you do not become distracted. If I fall the Dain's men will retreat and you'll definitely be cut down.'
Garadain Glacierbane groans, 'It is worse than I thought. Not only are they prepared for an attack, but they have the Kromrif here to help them. Our steel will be tested today. Be sure not to show the troops any fear.'

Garadain walks away from the Orc fort to arrange his troops on the plain to the north.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'TROOPS! FALL IN!'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Listen up men!'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'You all know why we're here. For decades these savages have menaced our people. Recent events have been too much to bear and the Dain has declared war! We will stop at nothing short of the Ry`gorr's annihilation!'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'No longer will we tolerate their heathen presence in our lands! Never again will we mourn the loss of a Coldain to these pawns of the Kromrif! Our deeds here today shall make this land safe for Coldain for all time!'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Today the Ry`gorr fall! Tomorrow the Kromrif!'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Fall out men!'
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Stay back from the initial charge, my friend. We will go directly for the chief once the troops are engaged. Follow me closely!'
Garadain Glacierbane shouts 'For the Glory of Thurgadin! CHARGE!'

You have slain Chief Ry`Gorr!

You gain experience!!

Loot Chief Ry`Gorr's Head

Give Garadain your Chief Ry`Gorr's Head.

You gain experience!!

The reward is the Velium Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Good work friend! The Dain will hear of this right away. We couldn't have defeated the Ry'gorr without your help. Take this ring as proof that you have served the Coldain well. You may wish to show it to the Seneschal should you ever stop in our fine city. Farewell, ______, it has been my pleasure knowing you.'

Turning in Chief Ry`Gorr's Head will despawn Garadain Glacierbane exercise caution (9/14/2015)

Testing from Red server, current information as of February 2022, Roald

Chief Ry`Gorr and his entourage appear at exactly 01:45 following the hand-in. Garadain Glacierbane shouts "CHARGE" at 05:45, so the window for safely completing and turning in the quest is exactly 4 minutes.
At least dubious faction is needed to turn-in the directly. In case the person turning in the head is KOS on Coldain faction, any of the following are all confirmed to work: sneak/hide, Alliance or faction song, charming Garadain.

Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring (#9)

Note: The Royal Court must be in session to get the Traitor's Bane Box. Starts around 8 AM

Find Seneschal Aldikar in the throne room with Dain Frostreaver IV and hand him your Velium Coldain Insignia Ring [You do not need to give Seneschal your ring, simply asking for the box is sufficient. This can be done as soon as it hits 8am game time and he leaves his room on the 2nd floor of the keep.] (#8). Note: The Royal Court must be in session for him to continue to the next part of the script. Otherwise, he just says something about speaking to the Dain and hands you the ring back. Dain Frostreaver IV does NOT need to be up, however.

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Well done _____, I have heard of your victory over the Ry'Gorr. If you are willing to assist the crown further please follow me.'

At this point he leads you out of the throne room and down to his private sleeping quarters.

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Please, shut the door behind you. What I am about to share with you must not be overheard.'
Seneschal Aldikar says, 'My army stands prepared to launch an assault on Kael itself, but one task must be completed before this can happen.'
Seneschal Aldikar says, 'It seems Rodrick was not alone in his treachery. There is a faction of Coldain who believe that a treaty should be signed with the Kromrif, ending our hostilities with them. This, of course, is impossible. If there is one thing our history here has taught us it is that the Kromrif simply cannot be trusted.'
Seneschal Aldikar says, 'These traitors are poisoning the minds of our citizens, promising great rewards to those who will betray the Dain. It will take an unbiased eye of an outlander to flush out masterminds behind this plan. Once again we turn to you.'
Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Will you accept this task, outlander?'

You say, 'I will accept this task'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'In this box, place the Accursed Dirk of the Fallen Rodrick. With it combine the heads of every traitor you dispose of. When this is done give the box and the Velium insignia ring to the Dain directly. On behalf of the crown and all good Coldain, I thank you.....May Brell be with you.'
Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Farewell'

You receive a Traitor's Bane Box, a 6-slot container in which you are to put Rodrick's Dagger and the heads of the Traitors.

Item #1: Dirk of the Traitor

Kill Rodrick Tardok in the Eastern Wastes. He drops the Dirk of the Traitor you seek.

He spawns in the small tower outside the northwest corner of the Ry`Gorr Keep. Every once in a while, a Ry`Gorr Emissary will spawn there. If you leave him alone for a few minutes, Rodrick will spawn inside the tower.

Item #2: Murdrick's Head

Kill Murdrick Tardok in the Great Divide (-5900, +3700 -- around the southwest edge of the zone, in a cave almost due south of the druid/wizard ring, up the rock ledge from the snow and on first plateau. The cave has two stone boulders on either side NOT wood beams. Cave entrance at -5600, +3530 go in make your first right.

  • Murdrick Tardok is in a room with 2 clerics and a few other dwarfs, all these will assist him when he is engaged. The clerics will complete heal, and also try dispell sow and root if you are kiting them around *

(not needed you can just go in and pull/kill him without waiting on text) Invis yourself and stand next to Murdrick. This will trigger a dialogue script between him and another Coldain. Listen to entire dialogue. If you attack him before he finishes the dialogue, he'll despawn. Also, if you wait too long after the dialog before aggroing him (eg, while clearing the rest of the room), he'll despawn. The dialog ends with: "Gerton Dumkin says 'Consider it done. Be sure to watch yourself Murd, the Dain's gotta be suspicious of ya, being Rodrick's brother and all. And those outlander friends of his are dangerous, chopped down the Ry'Gorr chief like he was nothin!'"

Once attacked, Murdrick calls for help from all the mobs in the room (harmony/lull spells will not get around this if you pull Murdrick, but it is effective on the others - you can clear the room before pulling Murdrick).

None of the dwarves have any faction hits. All of them should be duoable with a melee and a healer (assuming the healer can harmony or lull).

The two clerics are Lapker Geynion and Laima Ratgur. The other mobs are Davin Fatfist, Gerton Dumkin, Herga Ratgur, Fomgrut Borkel.

You need to leave up Lapker, Davin, Gerton, and Murdrick in order for the conversation to happen, so don't do all of the harmony clearing before triggering the conversation.

A common tactic is to have someone kite away all of the dwarves except for Murdrick and then have someone else tag then kill Murdrick solo. The trainer must stay in the zone with aggro on the mobs otherwise Murdrick will despawn immediately.

Loot Murdrick's head and Murdrick's Plan, a note which contains the recipe for tainted avalanche ale.

Item #3: Berradin's Head

Make a Tainted Avalanche Ale (brewing trivial 248):

Hand this to Captain Berradin in the Eastern Wastes (note: the person doing the quest does not need to hand in the Ale). Kill him after he falls down. Bodyguard Nergan, Bodyguard Persevil, and Bodyguard Stoneberg WILL help him. Do the hand in, then back off. Have a druid harmony the room then single pull Berradin. The dwarves outside won't social agrro so it should be an easy solo pull with harmony. Loot his head and the Letter to Peffin.

Item #4: Peffin's Head

Peffin Ambersnow is located in the giant fort in the Eastern Wastes. She is invisible. Hand her the Letter to Peffin. At this point, she respawns and runs out (may be glitchy; you may not see her -- just dont attack until she respawns a second time in front of the fire).

Three Kromrif Elite giants spawn inside the hut and will attack you immediately. They're fully immune to spells, summon, see invis, and are 51+. If left undamaged, they can be kited by a player with sow speed, though they are faster than normal run speed.

Peffin will be standing right in front of the fire outside at the bottom of the hill. This instance of Peffin will be permarooted but won't summon. She is also capable of throwing javelins at you for minor damage once aggroed. She has five permarooted, summoning Kromrif Elite giant guards. If the Elites are left undamaged, they won't summon. It's possible to destroy Peffin with ranged attacks and spells without engaging her guards. Medium and small races may be able to carefully approach and attack Peffin without getting hit by the guards.

Note: Be careful with damage shields! If you step into melee range of the permarooted guards for too long and do damage to them with DS, they will start summoning you and you will have a very bad day unless you brought a large-ish kill force. There are static and pathing giants that do not always despawn near the fire outside suggest clearing them prior to turn in.

Kill Peffin and loot her head along with a Letter to Doldigun . She also drops the valuable
Talisen, Bow of the Trailblazer
Talisen, Bow of the Trailblazer
Item 1104.png

Skill: Archery Atk Delay: 50
DMG: 25 AC: 3
STR: +3 DEX: +3 STA: +3 HP: +10
WT: 0.5 Range: 150 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL


Note- it can be difficult to get close enough to loot her corpse if you are a large race without getting into melee range of the permarooted giants, should they still be alive when Peffin dies. One option is to use Divine Aura or a similar invulnerability spell, or a shrink potion to allow yourself to get close enough to get the job done.

Item #5: Doldigun's Head

Doldigun Steinwielder is located in Iceshard Manor in Kael Drakkel (location -850, +1150). He can be spawned by standing on the throne and saying "The Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain." Hand him the letter and receive in return Ring of the Coldain Council.

If you attack him, he runs and two guards show up. Several giants will spawn (perhaps two at a time).

Doldigun respawns when the giant named Valorankt Zekkin dies. He comes in from the door on the north side of the throne, which is the same door that Doldigun attempts to flee out of.

You have slain Valorankt Zekkin!

Valorankt Zekkin's corpse shouts Doldigun, you have caused us too much trouble. You are no longer welcome here! Show yourself!"
Doldigun Steinwielder says, 'Uhh, I think I'll be leaving now... Give my regards to Thurgadin.'

Aggro him quickly, kill him and loot Doldigun's head. Note: He does not seem to spawn if the giants are up.

Item #6: Juliah's Head

Find Councilor Juliash Lockheart (A.K.A) Councilor Juliash Lockhear in Icewell Keep at approximate location +540, -25, 65 (in Dain Frostreaver IV's room -- she is the councilman on the far left as you face the council (facing away from Dain), in the front row).

Hand her the Ring of the Coldain Council from Doldigun.

Councilor Juliash Lockheart says, "FOOL! You've ruined everything!"

Councilor Juliash Lockheart says, "You'll pay with your life for meddling in the affairs of others!"

She respawns and attacks, hitting for a max 385 The other Coldain do not aggro. Kill her and loot the head. You must kill her within 10 minutes or she will despawn and you must start Ring 9 over.

Final Combine and Hand-In

In the Traitor's Bane Box, combine the five heads along with the Dirk of the Traitor. This produces a Box of the Guilty. Take this and the 8th ring (Velium Coldain Insigna Ring) to the Dain in Icewell Keep.

(Confirmed dubious faction turn in works)

Dain Frostreaver IV says 'The people of Thurgadin are in your debt, ______. Please accept the Coldain Hero's Ring as a token of our gratitude. The curse has been removed from the blade as well. I hope you find it useful against our common foes. When you are interested in assisting me further please show me the blade. Until that day, may Brell bless and protect you.'

Dain hands you Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring and Dirk of the Dain.

ADDITION 1/31/19: The moment you receive your Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring is the best opportunity to obtain the orders to trigger Ring 10. The following is repeated here for convenience.

Immediately after obtaining your Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring, give your newly cleansed dagger to Dain (he will give it back) and say 'You can count on my help.' for the following Dialogue:

Upon giving Dain the dagger he will give it back and say, "My good _______, you have served me well. You have flushed out all who sought to oppose me and my people. I am afraid I need to call upon you and your friends on final time. The dissension and treason ran deeper than I had anticipated. Our population has been cleansed, but we lost a full third of our army to the poisonous words of those rebels. In retaliation for your deeds, the Kromrif have made plans to attack us in this, our weakest hour. Can I count on your help, outlander?"

You say, 'You can count on my help.'

Dain Frostreaver IV says 'Several of our greatest officers, including a few veterans from the war on Yesterwinter are assembling just outside our city. Gather your army at once and give this parchment and the ninth ring to Sentry Badian. I will remain inside the city with a few of my troops to defend it against any who might penetrate your defense. May Brell be with you, ______.'

He hands you a Declaration of War.

IMPORTANT NOTE AND CHANGE: You MUST say the phrase AFTER Dain says, "Can I count on your help, outlander?" However, your dagger hand-in can be sniped by someone saying the phrase right after you've handed it in (this also allows someone who has "lost" their dagger to still receive the orders). The good news is that you can try again since you get the dagger back; simply hand it back to get Dain to repeat the phrase. Note that you will have a little less than 1 minute to complete this with the new Dain race rules effective 3/31/22.


Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV (#10)

This is the 10th (and final) Coldain Ring Quest, sometimes called the Ring War.

Overview: Hand the Dirk of the Dain back to Dain Frostreaver IV to receive the Declaration of War as part of the ring 10 quest. DO NOT HAND DAIN YOUR RING 9!! AT NO POINT IS RING 9 EVER HANDED TO DAIN!!

This is a large encounter that requires a fair amount of players to complete. It involves multiple waves of giants of different levels attempting to overrun Thurgadin. You must kill the giants and the final giant in the war, Narandi the Wretched.

Obtaining the Orders

Dain Frostreaver IV says, 'My good ______, you have served me well. You have flushed out all who sought to oppose me and my people. I am afraid I need to call upon you and your friends one final time. The dissension and treason ran deeper than I had anticipated. Our population has been cleansed, but we lost a full third of our army to the poisonous words of those rebels. In retaliation for your deeds, the Kromrif have made plans to attack us in this, our weakest hour. Can I count on your help outlander?'

You say, 'You can count on my help.'

Dain Frostreaver IV says 'Several of our greatest officers, including a few veterans from the war on Yesterwinter are assembling just outside our city. Gather your army at once and give this parchment and the ninth ring to Sentry Badian. I will remain inside the city with a few of my troops to defend it against any who might penetrate your defense. May Brell be with you, ______.'

As of 3/30/2021 there is a Server Staff enforced Ring Roll

See Ring 10 Server Roll for more details and further clarifications.

He hands you a Declaration of War . Take the Declaration of War to Sentry Badain who is located in a guard tower in the Great Divide, at -1080, +140. Hand Sentry Badain the Declaration of War and your Ring 9 Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring to start the "WAR". He will return your Ring 9

WARNING: There is apparently a 30 minute time limit between the handin to Sentry Badain, and the handin to Zrelik. If you start the script with the Sentry Badain handin, and fail to turn in the appropriate item to Zrelik within 30 minutes, the event WILL FAIL.

WARNING: Be careful not to give your ring to anyone else (eg. Garadain Glacierbane). If you do, see this thread for a discussion of your options (which are not good).

Sentry Badain Breathes deeply and blows into an ornate horn. The sound echos through the mountain pass. All local inhabitants scurry to take cover.
Sentry Badain says 'I'll be right with you, _____.'

He and the other Coldain despawn. He reappears shortly.

Sentry Badain says 'Excellent! All of your commanders have reported to the Dain, and none too soon mind you. We are getting reports of Kromrif troop movement in the area and final preparations must be made. Follow me and the Seneschal will brief you.

Follow him to a circle of dwarves that are in the middle of a conversation, they are sitting in a circle close to Thurgadin:

Garadain Glacierbane says 'With all due respect, Seneschal, I feel my men are best suited for the eastern post. If the outlander has rounded up enough soldiers to hold 'em off from the south then they'll definitely test us in the gorge. We'll be needin' a solid defense there.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'Very well, Garadain, the eastern post is yours. I'll place Kargin and his bowmen on the hill to the west, and Churn, you'll station your troops up near the caves just past them.'
Churn the Axeman says 'Understood sir.'
Sentry Badain says 'Excuse me, Seneschal Aldikar, you instructed me to report to you when the outlander returned. I have brought him.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'Perfect timing outlander, please be seated and listen carefully. Badain, yer dismissed.'
Sentry Badain says 'Sir, yessir!'

Sentry Badain then walks off towards Thurgadin and despawns.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'We knew the day might come when the Kromrif would discover the location of our beloved city. It was only prudent for there to be a plan for such a circumstance. In light of recent developments, however, our plans have been adjusted. Outlander, the Dain has appointed you to lead our armies in defense of Thurgadin.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'I will stand here with a handful of men as a final line of defense. Should I fall, all will be lost. You will have these men and their soldiers to command. Use them wisely, you will be richly rewarded if your forces are able to keep them alive.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'Garadain will post his men in the gorge to the east. Churn and his men will await your command in the caves to the west. Dobbin will have his forces at the ready in the clearing directly south of here near the towers. If any Kromrif make it to his vicinity he and his men will attack with or without your command.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'Lastly, Corbin will hide his men in the worm caves to the south, call on him for a surprise attack. Remember where these men are stationed, outlander. Should they call out for help you may wish to send some of your people to aid them.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'The leader of this invasion is a powerful Kromrif named Narandi. Rumor has it that he is more powerful than any ten of his peers. He must fall. When he is slain you must show his head and the ninth ring to me.'
Seneschal Aldikar says 'Scout Zrelik here will follow you and serve as your herald. He will relay your orders to the troops. Show me your ninth ring now to verify your identity and I will give you the orders to memorize.'

Give Seneschal Aldikar your ring 9 Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring . He gives it back along with an item called Orders of engagement.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Commit these orders to memory, ______, have them ready to speak at a moment's notice. When you are finished memorizing, repeat them to me. Tell your soldiers to prepare themselves. When the orders are handed to Zrelik we will take up our positions.'

The Orders read:

To call Garadain's men: "Garadain to my side!"
To call Dobbin and his men: "Dobbin assist me!"
To summon Churn's troops: "Churn protect me!"
To call upon Corbin's team: "Corbin, attack!"
Call all available troops: "For the Dain, attack!" 

You should make hotkeys to turn off attack, target Zrelik and /say one of those commands to Zrelik the Scout. You only really need the last command "For the Dain, Attack!" as this rallies all the troops. Zrelik runs after you and as long as he is moving the host of dwarf soldiers should be running after him. But don't hesitate to spam the command whenever to ensure they keep up. Once Zrelik stands still the troops will start moving toward their spawn location after about 5 seconds. So you need to say the command every 5 seconds to keep them around. Be careful if you have people helping you with the ring war that are KoS to the dwarves as this will mess up your war and the dwarves will attack them. So keep them away from your raid force if you have KoS players helping. If you run a long way, from the eastern front to the western front for instance, the dwarves will take a while to catch up. You don't need to be spamming the orders while waiting for them. They will come as long you commanded them once and started running

Triggering the War

Give the Orders of engagement to Zrelik (Not The One In Thurgadin)

WARNING: There is apparently a 30 minute time limit between the handin to Sentry Badain, and the handin to Zrelik. If you start the script with the Sentry Badain handin, and fail to turn in the Order of Engagement to Zrelik within 30 minutes, the event WILL FAIL.

Zrelik the Scout says 'At yer service, ______. Remember now, before issuing me an order ya must disengage from any combat and be sure yer speakin to me. I advise you to avoid combat at all costs, your leadership is crucial.'

This begins the war. You'll see:

Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Good citizens of Thurgadin, hear me! Our city, our people, our very lives are in danger this day. The Kromrif are at this very moment marching towards us in an offensive they hope will bring about our demise...'
Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'I hereby command, by authority of Dain Frostreaver the Fourth, that all able bodied Coldain fight to the death in defense of our land. Children, disabled citzens, and unseasoned travellers are advised to evacuate immediately!'
Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My fellow soldiers, take heart! For we are not alone in this endeavor. One among us, an outlander, has earned the title Hero of the Dain for valiant service to our people. This newcomer has brought with him allies that will fight alongside you to help bring about our victory.'
Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My friends... Brell did not place us here so many centuries ago to be slaughtered by these heathens. Nor did our forefather, Colin Dain, sacrifice himself simply to have us fail here now. Through these events we were brought to this day to test our strength and our faith.'
Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Will we be shackled together to slave away in Kromrif mines or will we stand united and feed these beasts Coldain blades? By Brell, I promise you, it is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees!'
Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'TROOPS, TAKE YOUR POSITIONS!!'

Commands to Zrelik

These are the commands you can give to Zrelik the Scout:

You say, 'For the Dain, attack!'

Zrelik the Scout shouts 'All able Coldain, come to me at once!'

You say, 'Churn protect me!'

Zrelik the Scout shouts 'Churn, get yer men and c'mere on the double! _____ needs ye!'

You say, 'Corbin, attack!'

Zrelik the Scout shouts '_____ is in need of yer help Corbin. Bring yer men!'

You say, 'Dobbin assist me!' (this seems wrong)

Dobbin Crossaxe closes his eyes and in a graceful motion, gives a low, sweeping bow, 'Greetings to you, friend, and welcome to the district of Selia. We are the beacon of light and justice, of all that is good and kind. As Tanaan is the cornerstone of neutrality, we are the shining jewel of righteousness, valor, and honor. I am Phantasmist Abaur and in my years upon Norrath, served as an enchanter within the arcane council of Freeport. Then, the city was in a fledgling state of being -- the Temple of Truth was still in the primordial beginnings of its construction and the city served solely as a port rather than the functioning metropolis I'm told it has come to be today. If you practice the same art and require aid in learning the fundamental basic skills, then I will be more than pleased to oblige that necessity.'

In the Event of a Loss

If any giant gets past you to the Thurgadin entrance, you lose. You'll know this has happened if you see that Zrelik is missing and the giants are lined up on both sides of the river to Thurgadin.

All of Thurgadin dies in the event of a loss. You'll see dead Coldain throughout the zone: A Gutted Guard, A Gored Guard, A Butchered Butcher, A Murdered Merchant, A Bludgeoned Banker, A Conquered Coldain, A Punctured Priestess, and A Perforated Priest.

The War

Detailed Ring War Breakdown

Once Seneschal Aldikar shouts for troops to take their positions, the battle begins.

The war can be split up into three rounds. Each round consists of seven waves of giants attacking Thurgadin. Each round and wave get progressively harder. Once wave seven of round three is done Narandi the Wretched spawns. He is a fairly simple tank and spank boss. Kill him loot his head. Be absolutely certain to keep the dwarf army you have been controlling far away from Narandi. If they get aggro they will attack him and you will not be able to stop them. If they get the killing blow Narandi's corpse will poof and you get no ring 10 and no loot. The war is a timed event that is scripted. This means that if you kill the giants of a wave fast you will have more recovery time before the next wave. If you kill the giants slowly then you risk having the next wave spawning before having finished off the previous wave. This is good way to fail the war, so be sure to bring enough people. The whole event takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Round 1 Mobs

Round 2 Mobs

Round 3 Mobs

Once Narandi is dead:

Narandi the Wretched's corpse says 'Rallos! Please accept my soul... I pray that you may find me worthy.'
Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Outlander! You've done it! The Kromrif invasion has been frustrated! Bring me the head of Narandi and your Hero's ring.'

Note: Mobs despawn when the war starts, and will all respawn 30 minutes after the war is won.

Turn-In for the 10th Ring

Once you have won, turn in ring 9 Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring and Narandi's head to Seneschal Aldikar to receive the 10th Coldain ring Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV. He is standing in a circle with the other named Coldain close to Thurgadin

Seneschal Aldikar unsheathes a knife and shaves the beard from Narandi's face and returns the head to you, 'The Dain will require the beard for his trophy room, please accept this ring on his behalf. May its effect aid you as you have aided us. Be certain to present the ring to the Dain when you're in town. If you remain an ally he will be most gracious, but be warned, if you fall from his good graces he will keep the ring.'

You receive the 10th ring Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV and the Shorn Head of Narandi.

Additional Rewards

Hand in the Shorn Head of Narandi to each of the dwarves near the Seneschal. This may only be possible if none of the dwarves die (need confirmation either way). Do NOT turn in the Shorn Head of Narandi to Zrelik the Scout, as he will eat it:

Churn the Axeman pries a crown from the head of Narandi, 'The halls of Thurgadin will echo with praises to you for as long as we grace the face of this land. May this crown serve you well. Honor through battle!'
You receive the
Crown of Narandi
Crown of Narandi
Item 747.png

Slot: HEAD
AC: 25
STR: +8 DEX: +8 STA: +8 WIS: +8 INT: +8 AGI: +8 HP: +50 MANA: +50
Effect: Flowing Thought II
WT: 3.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: PAL SHD
Race: ALL

Kargin the Archer picks up a stick and hits the back of the dismembered head with all his might, knocking one of its eyes out of the socket, 'Bastard killed my brother! Hope his ghost felt that one!'
You receive the
Eye of Narandi
Eye of Narandi
Item 1131.png

AC: 4
STR: +4 DEX: +4 STA: +4 AGI: +4 HP: +40 MANA: +40
Effect: Creeping Vision (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 1.0)
WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Corbin Blackwell unhooks a glowing earring from Narandi's shorn head, 'Hmm, this looks like something special. Take it, ______, you've earned it! Be well.'
You receive an
Earring of the Frozen Skull
Earring of the Frozen Skull
Item 619.png

Slot: EAR
Charges: 4
AC: 4
MANA: +40
Effect: Divine Aura (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 1.0)
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL

Dobbin Crossaxe gives a gentle, warm smile and slight nod of his head in warm welcoming, 'Good day to you, ______, and welcome to the district of Selia. We are children of the light -- beings who valiantly uphold the ways of honor, valor, and merits of goodly faith and virtue. Rather, we are crusaders of these things, collectively comprising the beacon of these traits within the universe in our position in New Tanaan. We are quite pleased to have you approach us with such confidence -- perhaps the inner light has brought you to us, seeking a way to unlock the purity of these merits that you faintly mirror now. If you are seeking council in the ways of enchantments, then I would be more than pleased and honored to aid you where I can, my friend.'
You receive the
Faceguard of Bentos the Hero
Faceguard of Bentos the Hero
Item 528.png

Slot: FACE
AC: 10
STR: +10 STA: +10 HP: +10
Effect: See Invisible (Worn)
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL

. (Named after player Bentos<Triton> on Povar server, first player to complete this quest.)
Garadain Glacierbane removes a choker from the severed head and returns both items to you, 'Congratulations on your victory, ______. I couldn't have done a better job myself. May Brell protect and watch over you and your friends. Farewell.'
You receive a
Choker of the Wretched
Choker of the Wretched
Item 501.png

Slot: NECK
AC: 8
STR: +8 CHA: +8 WIS: +8 INT: +8 HP: +40 MANA: +40
Effect: Flowing Thought I
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL


Make sure your faction is Ally! (warmly is not high enough), then give the ring to the Dain in Icewell Keep:

Dain Frostreaver IV says '______, your deeds have changed the fate of my people forever. Not since the sacrifice of Colin Dain himself has anyone so selflessly risked so much for our well being. Accept this blessing as a token of my gratitude.'

You receive Protection of the Dain.

Note: If you maintain your allied status to Dain Frostreaver IV, you can turn in your Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV and receive a new
Protection of the Dain
Protection of the Dain
Item 860.png

Charges: 1
Effect: Divine Aura (Any Slot, Casting Time: 2.5)
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL


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